Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Praise You In This Storm - Casting Crowns

I came across this video on You Tube. Being a military family faced with lots of deployments... the words of this song are so true.
*To listen click off the sound on my playlist at the bottom of the blog, then press play on here*

Still Waiting

I love this picture !!

We are still waiting on a few pieces of paperwork to come in to be DTC to China (Dossier To China)... this is when we can start the 4-5 month wait till we travel. Taylor is so excited! Hopefully everything will come in soon!It is such a nerve racking process. I have people emailing me asking for updates, so I decided to post more on here.


One last game...

Well Chad left 2 weeks ago for overseas again. It has taken some getting use to but as a military family you can only look forward or we would go crazy. We know when Chad gets home we will be closer to having Aiden home or he may be home already. Chad is doing well, as well as you can when you are in Iraq. Taylor is missing her dad though. I think this is the first deployment when she has expressed her feelings as much. She misses him for his rough housing. Here is a picture of Chad saying goodbye.

Monday, February 11, 2008

First Sleep Over Party

I just had to share this photo of Taylor. This was her first sleepover birthday party. Needless to say she had a good time. Getting so big so fast.