Sunday, September 27, 2009

A few days with my mom...

We had a great time with my mom visiting. I hate saying goodbye and that is what we just did. Tears always come having to say goodbye. I can't help but be emotional, but am thankful for the time we have together. My dad always taught us that family is the most important and that is so true. I am excited though because we will be flying home in 2 weeks so it isn't so bad and my dad is coming out at the end of this month for a week! Then I probably will really go through withdrawl (haha) It was short but sweet. We packed a lot in four days. We did some shopping, went to a craft fair, took the kids to Chuckie Cheese, played games and went to Grants Farm in St. Louis. The kids just ate up the attention. Aiden wanted to go home with my mom to see his "pop", he was calling him on his pretend cell phone at Grants Farm.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I was so excited to get an update on SunFen today. I have a great gal (ANGELA) in China who is so awesome at getting updates for families who wait. It is these little updates that make the wait tolerable and makes Sun Fen even more real to us. I wasn't able to get pictures this time but questions answered that I wrote to her. I have a friend who is going to the area where she is from on a mission trip and will be taking this care package we out together. Today, I am going to take a video and she will be able to watch it over in China. Some of you have asked about names and how we made out with that... It seemed like Willow won out in the popular poll I had done. I like that name too, but am going to wait until I meet her and see how things go. (She is from Nanning, Gaungxi)

So here is a copy of the email I got today.. Thanks Lady Bugs N Love .

Hi Heidi,
I have received the update today! The orphanage is going to send me pictures later.
Here is the info I got:
Does Sun Fen need a winter coat or clothing?
Yes, she wants a coat, a sweater and two pants.

What does she think of having a sister her age?
She is happy about having a sister her age.

Would she like to share a room with her or would she like one by herself, color of room?
She likes to share a room with her sister and she likes pink room.

What does she think about coming to the United States?
She hope she can see dad and mom and go to US as soon as possible.

What is her favorite thing to do?
Play with computer.

What would she like to know about her new family?
She wants to know dad and mom’s occupation, hobby and personality.

I am wondering if she remembers anything from her family before she was given up at 4? How has she dealt with that?
She dimly remember her house, can’t remember anything else. She thinks that her parents have ineffable difficulties.

Is she able to draw or write us a letter back (I will pay for it) ?
Yes. We’ll mail it later.

If I sent a video over with a volunteer who is going to her orphanage next month, is she able to view it? It would be of her family.
Yes, she will be able to view it.

How is school going?
She is doing very well at school. She is a good student.

I will get back to you as soon as I receive pictures!
Have a blessed day!

www.lovesreach.o rg
www.ladybugsnlove.c om

Monday, September 21, 2009

Aiden's 1st field trip..

Here are a few pictures from Aiden's field trip today. It was so cute to see him with his friends. He wasn't too keen on the animals, you have to watch the one video... I think his favorite thing was sitting on a powered John Deere tractor that didn't work, he thinks he is cool on tractors! He has one of Taylor's bad attributes, he has to be the first one on everything and he has his eye on things he gets off of to get back on if someone is coming to take over. It was a great trip. His teachers are so nice you can tell they really care about kids.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our weekend...

Well this weekend, we had a soccer game, birthday party and then today a rained out air show on base. Weekends here are still a little different. We have been here not even 3 months but it seems so much longer. I miss my family and friends back east that is for sure. We are so looking forward to seeing everyone in the next few weeks. My mom is coming out on Wednesday, we are going home October 6th, and then my dad is coming out the end of the month. Taylor and Aiden are so excited.

We are having school issues of Taylor feeling like she isn't learning as much as she did last year. She likes her teacher and school but feels she is learning things she learned in early kindergarten. It is hard knowing what the right thing to do for her is. I never thought being in 1st grade could be so hard. The one great thing is we made some really good friends here.

Today we had the air show to go to on base. It rained.. and needless to say there were no planes flying. Chad had to work a hotdog stand, Taylor thought that was the funniest thing. So the kids enjoyed going in some of the planes.

These were from soccer yesterday..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New link...

I just had to share this picture of my niece. I sure miss her!

I have been going crazy for the last week trying to get my "followers" list to configure with my blog. For some reason my web address is wrong with that "gadget" and I can't figure out how to change it without changing my address. So I ended up changing my blog address. Feel free to pass on my blog, it isn't private... Hope you all are doing well! I still miss the East coast but it isn't bad out here, just another pit stop for our family. It is funny when I see shows on Philadelphia I have to stop and take it in... I never realized how much I liked living close to the city till we moved away. I think the thing is - we were there for 10 years and developed a sense of "home"... some day it will be home again (I hope)! I know there are people out there thinking "How can you like that area?"... I liked being so close to so much... friends and family!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Thinking Names...

I put a poll on the side and we would love to see what our fellow bloggers may like! Chad and I made a list between the two of us. What do you think? I have thought about letting her pick between the names as well... I thought I had to have a name picked up for her paperwork before I get her? Anyone know?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Gotcha Day" One Year Ago Today

Aidens "finding spot"

One year ago today, our lives were changed forever. Adoption is just such an amazing journey. All the hardwork of the paperwork, the trials and tribulations we have faced, fade away when I look at our happy boy Aiden. He is such a delight. To say Aiden has fit right into our family would be an understatement. He is all about letting us know who is boss and what he wants. The things is with him, he does everything with a smile. He is one of those kids that if are not in the greatest mode he can make you smile. I love now that he can say, "Mom, I give a big hug"... it is music to my ears. He really is blossoming more and more everyday.

I can hardly believe that we have had this little boy who was once called, "Gong Gong" in our lives for a year today. It seems as though it was a lifetime ago, and then on the other hand not really. Our time in China was so great, I just loved it. It is so amazing how far these little ones come in a year. When we first saw Aiden he was just so weak, meek and mild. But yet he had this happy little spirit about him.

I will never forget the day we showed up in the civil affairs building and saw Aiden for the first time. We had no idea he was there as we were expecting a big group of people... he walked out and Chad goes, "There he is". I turned around and just couldn't believe it. All the years of planning to adopt, things that happened and then joy of what was happening. It really was a surreal moment. An awesome moment. I wanted to cry, but I didn't want to scare him as he looked so innocent and scared, but did yet he did not shed a tear. He walked over to us, took the ball and backpack and hung onto it for dear life.

Aiden, is just such a blessing to all who meet him. I truly believe God had a hand in choosen this child for us. He is just so happy all of the time. I know he just loves so many of our extended family and friends. He gets excited seeing everyone's pictures on our screensavers. Especially his "poppy". I would have never guessed they would have the relationship they have even being this far apart. Thanks to poppy, "Aiden, growls all the time".

Aiden had his heart checkup today and he is doing great. When I was sitting there listening to the doctor talk about what "could" happen years from now (if he would need another surgery), it started to sink in like, "Oh my goodness I can't even think of life without this little guy". - I just felt at that moment how truly connected I feel to my little sunshine. The great thing is, he has a normal life ahead of him and we are just so very blessed.

Sorry if my pictures are a little off on here. I loaded them from different computers and it isn't exactly like I wanted but hey... I just had to show where he has come in a year with us. I can't say enough good things about our little guy from China.