Monday, March 29, 2010

Waiting Anxiously...

My friend Maggie is over in China right now getting her newest daughter today. I so wish I could be there... here is her blog. She is going to post pictures later today. Her beautiful family is something to see. She has 6 daughters now, and let me tell you her home is pretty organized to say the least... I sure wish it were me traveling right now too..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I was just thinking how fast time is flying since we moved out here to Illinois. We almost have one year in - 2 more to go! I know it sounds like I am looking at this in a negative way, not at all. I actually have adjusted to the slower life out here and have kept us busy with things. Yes, of course I still miss the East coast, but in the meantime I am going to enjoy wherever I am - even if there is no water around (lol). I think the key is to stay busy and enjoy my kids to the fullest. I look at Taylor and can't believe that she will be 8. Where did time go? I never want to look back at life and be like, "I wish I would have done that"... Right now, I am trying to get together a unit study on dinosaurs she is so into that. Anyone have any good sites they would like to share?

I am slowly but surely getting back into my creative mode. I am trying to brush up on my photoshop and photography things. I have found a friend out here who is very creative - I can't wait to do some things with her... I will post more later on that.

Still working on the paperwork for my adoption, it seems like a never ending process. I have put it in God's hands and when it will be it will be. At this rate I am thinking October till we travel. In the meantime, I have been lucky enough to send some clothing and letters over to her. I am still trying to decide what to name Sun Fen. We will keep her Chinese name but also give her an American name. Chad likes the name "Mia", not bad but I don't feel it is that unusual either. I always like names with meaning, I guess we will see! We flipped a coin for Taylors name because we couldn't agree and who do you think won - Chad! I like the names, Avery, Tia, Tian, Autumn, Mahlia... who knows. I just can't wait to get her home.

Monday, March 8, 2010

updating once again..

Once again, I have been slacking in my blogging... I promise I will get better. I am so thankful that the sun is shining and it is getting warmer out. I thought I would share with you the latest picture I got from Sun Fen... it is so precious. Yes, we are still trying to adopt her, it just seems like this state makes adoption much harder then NJ was. Something that took us 4 months to complete in NJ is now on 8 months here... So please keep us in your prayers. Taylor is still so happy to be getting a sister. We are thinking at this rate it could be September until we travel.

The kids are doing great. Aiden just started soccer - he is so cute. He is like the "Little Engine That Could"... he is one of the smallest out there but he loves it. He always wants to be doing what Taylor is doing. Taylor also is in soccer right now, it is cool to see how far she has come in the last 2 years... she is still my little heart and soul.

I am trying to get back into my side business adventures... I really need to! I feel like I am just getting into the groove of living out here. I have met some great ladies and that has helped, it is just different in the Midwest.... I miss the water, friends and family.

I am just adding a few pictures of the kiddos... I am thinking of creating a new blog so stay tuned. Hope you are all doing well!

P.S. This is what Sun Fens drawing translated to -

Jan 20,2010 (she wrote 2001)
Dear Daddy, Mommy, little brother and sister,
Hello! I kiss you all from China far away from you. I have dreamed several times that I flew to you and be with you all. I am doing very well here. Dad and mom, don’t worry about me. I expect, expect come to you soon.
Your daughter, Xia Sun Fen