Friday, December 11, 2009

Random pictures...

I have been so bad at blogging since we have moved out here, I know I need to get better. For me to write I have to have that writers inspiration and for some reason I just haven't had it here of late. I guess to be honest I am still adjusting to life in the Midwest. Living in NJ for 10 years really spoiled me, we had such a normal life and now starting all over has been a challenge. I miss my friends and family something fierce - but I am thankful for all we have here.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Food for thought...

Someone sent me this link to this touching video this morning. Growing up my grandma always had some child on her refrigerator she was supporting in some country. I never really knew how important just one sponsor could be to these kids until I started my adoption process. Seeing all the kids in Aiden's orphanage and how hot it was there in the summer really makes me think how fortunate we were to be able to get Aiden out of that circumstance (and his orphanage was suppose to be a "good" one. I wish I could help more kids.... so I just thought I would post this clip. Every year I choose a child with Love Without Boundaries to support for $35.00 a month and have Taylor involved in the process. It enables these little ones to live in foster care until they are adoptable or maybe not. It is something I think really hits home with Taylor especially after seeing what being an orphan really is like.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Saying goodbye... again (right?)

Saying "goodbye" seems to be the thing here of late. I heard a saying one time it was, "We don't say goodbye, it is - "Until we see each other again"... I guess that is a more positve twist on it, right? We are still adjusting to the move out here and saying goodbye is just one of those things. Five more years left in the military... (hopefully) We had such a great time with my dad and mom this month. We were spoiled having them both come out and us go there. Thanks for coming dad! Chad and I both appreciate the effort you guys make. It is amazing the bond they share after only a year here.

It is amazing, when I look back at my dad and my relationship, I really gave him the grey hair on his head... sneaking out, getting grounded was the normal cycle. Don't get me wrong we had a great childhood sports, vacations and all that - but I rebelled a little at home (yes, I did!) Now we have such a great bond. Living away really makes you appreciate family that is for sure. I am so glad the kids feel that bond even though we live so far away, that is all I want... to pass on that tradition.

So anyways, now back to the old grind. I am really trying to get some things up and posted on ebay, work on my web designing and some adoption stuff. Taylor and I are also working on some sewing collaborations right now. She actually will wear some cute outfits now that we are living here. (I just can't press the limit with "cuteness". I am following my friend Connies blog right now.. it is priceless. She is in China adopting two more kids right now. A 14 year old boy and I believe 2 year old girl (maybe one)... So special to see her travels. It is inspiring!

Hope you all are doing well!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

St. Louis Arch/Science Museum

Well, we have had a great time with my dad despite Aiden got the flu while he was here.... Friday night he started a fever and by Saturday it was 103.5! Needless to say I took him to the doctor and he tested positive for the flu. He got his medicine and two hours after we got home the fever broke, thank God. He still has some cold symptoms but other then that he is doing great. So we ended up doing a little site seeing while grandpa was in town, since they were feeling better. Tomorrow back to the grind for them. I will be sad when my dad leaves, it has been so nice. Yes, well no use thinking about all that, just thankful for the time we do have right? I am very thankful too!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Taylor and her friends at a party at the zoo

Taylor had a birthday party to go to yesterday with her classmates at the zoo. It was really neat. They were able to touch a hedge hog, chinchilla and an iguana. Her favorite "boy as a friend" was there Huntley, it seemed wherever he went so was she... so innocent and fun at this age!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Go Penn State!

Sorry, Chad we are trying to convert the kids while you are gone! Big game today... I guess we will see who's who... Miss you Chad!

Friday, October 23, 2009

"Poppy's" Arrived... the kids are so happy

My kids were so happy when my dad came to visit today. They have been looking forward having company at our house. We are so happy to see him. It is priceless to see Aiden just run up to him when he sees him. It is amazing how from the very beginning Aiden just had a special spot for "poppy" and vice versa. My dad brought out the four wheeler Aiden drives around out in PA when he comes. He just about went crazy when he saw it in his truck. Chad is away right now, so it is nice having some company. I am going to go through withdraw when he leaves because we have been lucky to see so much family this month. It isn't bad out here, but it is taking some adjusting being away from what we called home for 10 years. So it is wonderful having some of home come out here.. Poppy bought those new pajamas for the kids... I was shocked Taylor wanted feet pajamas too. I guess Aiden can't have something different then she has... you know how that goes!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby Loss Awareness Day..remembering all babies

This video someone sent me, sad but so true. Just wanted to remember my son Chase, as well as all my friends who have lost a child. Today is a day of remembering all the little lives gone to soon from our life. Although, life moves on there is not a day that a parent who loses a child forgets about that child. It is a hole in the soul. I do thank God for his hope that he has given me and my family for the future. I truly believe everything happens for a reason although it is hard to understand, why? Why would God allow me to have years of infertility all to lose my son 3 days before birth? But I have had to just give it over to God and thank him for giving me peace to move on. We move on but never forget. I look at Taylor and think, "Would, Chase look like her?"... then I look at Aiden, and I think, "Would Aiden be alive if it weren't for Chase".

I do think there is so much to learn from the loss of a loved one, and that is to realize that life is short. I feel like I really try to live like that song says, "Live like you were dying". I was one of those people that lived in a bubble from true loss, and then it happened. I have done alot of soul searching over the last two years, and I truly hope I am a more compassionate person. I just wanted to remember especially my friends on Silent Grief, Odette,Kristin, Tabitha and Dusty. Our little ones are our guardian angels... one day we will be united, there will come a day...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What I received today - a wonderful surprise!

Sun Fen, sent a picture to a friend of mine in China who sent it to me - what a great surprise today! I just wish my paperwork was moving faster!

In the picture there is a note in Chinese “I want to have a warm family”.

On the back of the picture there is another note:

Dear Daddy and Mommy,

Hello! I miss you very much. I hope you can come to get me – your daughter soon.

Daughter Xia Sun Fen

Friday, October 9, 2009

Cousin PA

Having a wonderful time with family out in PA. There is nothing like home. I so have missed the mountains and fall foilage. Taylor and Aiden are having a blast being spoiled by the grandparents and aunts.We took a quick 6 day vacation out here.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A few days with my mom...

We had a great time with my mom visiting. I hate saying goodbye and that is what we just did. Tears always come having to say goodbye. I can't help but be emotional, but am thankful for the time we have together. My dad always taught us that family is the most important and that is so true. I am excited though because we will be flying home in 2 weeks so it isn't so bad and my dad is coming out at the end of this month for a week! Then I probably will really go through withdrawl (haha) It was short but sweet. We packed a lot in four days. We did some shopping, went to a craft fair, took the kids to Chuckie Cheese, played games and went to Grants Farm in St. Louis. The kids just ate up the attention. Aiden wanted to go home with my mom to see his "pop", he was calling him on his pretend cell phone at Grants Farm.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I was so excited to get an update on SunFen today. I have a great gal (ANGELA) in China who is so awesome at getting updates for families who wait. It is these little updates that make the wait tolerable and makes Sun Fen even more real to us. I wasn't able to get pictures this time but questions answered that I wrote to her. I have a friend who is going to the area where she is from on a mission trip and will be taking this care package we out together. Today, I am going to take a video and she will be able to watch it over in China. Some of you have asked about names and how we made out with that... It seemed like Willow won out in the popular poll I had done. I like that name too, but am going to wait until I meet her and see how things go. (She is from Nanning, Gaungxi)

So here is a copy of the email I got today.. Thanks Lady Bugs N Love .

Hi Heidi,
I have received the update today! The orphanage is going to send me pictures later.
Here is the info I got:
Does Sun Fen need a winter coat or clothing?
Yes, she wants a coat, a sweater and two pants.

What does she think of having a sister her age?
She is happy about having a sister her age.

Would she like to share a room with her or would she like one by herself, color of room?
She likes to share a room with her sister and she likes pink room.

What does she think about coming to the United States?
She hope she can see dad and mom and go to US as soon as possible.

What is her favorite thing to do?
Play with computer.

What would she like to know about her new family?
She wants to know dad and mom’s occupation, hobby and personality.

I am wondering if she remembers anything from her family before she was given up at 4? How has she dealt with that?
She dimly remember her house, can’t remember anything else. She thinks that her parents have ineffable difficulties.

Is she able to draw or write us a letter back (I will pay for it) ?
Yes. We’ll mail it later.

If I sent a video over with a volunteer who is going to her orphanage next month, is she able to view it? It would be of her family.
Yes, she will be able to view it.

How is school going?
She is doing very well at school. She is a good student.

I will get back to you as soon as I receive pictures!
Have a blessed day!

www.lovesreach.o rg
www.ladybugsnlove.c om

Monday, September 21, 2009

Aiden's 1st field trip..

Here are a few pictures from Aiden's field trip today. It was so cute to see him with his friends. He wasn't too keen on the animals, you have to watch the one video... I think his favorite thing was sitting on a powered John Deere tractor that didn't work, he thinks he is cool on tractors! He has one of Taylor's bad attributes, he has to be the first one on everything and he has his eye on things he gets off of to get back on if someone is coming to take over. It was a great trip. His teachers are so nice you can tell they really care about kids.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our weekend...

Well this weekend, we had a soccer game, birthday party and then today a rained out air show on base. Weekends here are still a little different. We have been here not even 3 months but it seems so much longer. I miss my family and friends back east that is for sure. We are so looking forward to seeing everyone in the next few weeks. My mom is coming out on Wednesday, we are going home October 6th, and then my dad is coming out the end of the month. Taylor and Aiden are so excited.

We are having school issues of Taylor feeling like she isn't learning as much as she did last year. She likes her teacher and school but feels she is learning things she learned in early kindergarten. It is hard knowing what the right thing to do for her is. I never thought being in 1st grade could be so hard. The one great thing is we made some really good friends here.

Today we had the air show to go to on base. It rained.. and needless to say there were no planes flying. Chad had to work a hotdog stand, Taylor thought that was the funniest thing. So the kids enjoyed going in some of the planes.

These were from soccer yesterday..