Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well, I have been up since 1AM China time. I am having a rough time with the time change. It is 12 hours difference here and by 5PM Taylor and I have been really tired. So now I am sitting here this morning just thinking about what today holds for us. In the adoption world, today is called, "Gotcha Day", meaning the day we get our child. The feelings I have about today are so vast.

We started this process 2 and a half years ago and as most of you know alot of things have happened in that time frame, so it makes today even more emotional. Emotional because of thinking about the first time we saw Aiden's picture - which was September 23rd and then on September 24th (my birthday) Chad said lets get him. Then came the 6 month process of getting our homestudy done, this included mountains of clearances and paperwork. I could go on and on, but I just feel so grateful that today is here.

I can't wait to see him for the first time. It seems like we know him from the pictures we have been blessed to get, but yet we really don't yet. I can't wait to see Taylor and how she will react to him. She wanted me to buy her a traditional Chinese dress, so we did. I told her it was for a special occasion probably a picture day with Aiden. She goes to me, "Well, I want to wear it Monday when we get him. Don't you think that will be a special occasion? I will no longer be an only child and Aiden won't be in an orphanage".... she has a way of putting things.

I just want Aiden to feel loved and special, knowing that we chose him and he was so wanted. I think of my little angel up above and wondering if he is looking down and seeing what is about to transpire. Without Chase we would not be getting Aiden... I do believe all things happen for a reason even being as hard as that may be to understand.

I just can't even put into words how we are feeling. It is just so emotional that is all I know. I hope I can hold it together in a few hours but who knows! Miss you guys and wish you were here!

Taylor just woke up (it is 5AM) and she yells out in the darkness, "MOM, today is the day. Aiden will be so happy today"

Interesting Markets

We ventured out across the street to the market and then made our way to the more modern stores. It was very very busy to say the least. Very interesting. Taylor loved seeing all the animals. The one picture is of 3 mushrooms.
The main street of shopping reminded me of Time Square but with China Town in Times Square. Chad tried on a pair of Timberland sandals that were really nice, but they didn't have a size that big. It is very humid here, I can see why people say bring enough clothing to change 2 times a day.

Tomorrow is the big day. I am so ready. It is great to experience a new culture and site see but the greatest moment will be when we see Aiden for the first time. I wonder what he is going to think of us. Today at breakfast there were several adoptive parents there with their children. It almost make you want to cry for joy for these kids. You can just see the love that these parents have for the kids. Many of these kids we have seen have cleft lip/cleft palate, something that is very treatable in the United States. It just really almost made me cry to see how these parents really were bonding with their children. It shows that love sees no imperfections.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Starbucks/Taylor Exercising

I thought I would add a few more pictures before we go out to the market today. It is about 95 degrees so far and pure humidity. We had breakfast and then went to starbucks for a frozen coffee... Taylor is in love with Frappachinos now. After that Chad went back to the hotel and Taylor wanted to play at the playground/exercise yard. Nothing seems to faze her, she is really enjoying herself. The nice thing over here is that people are constantly exercising, playing all sorts of games in the parks, practicing TAI CHI. Even the older ladies. Make me want to get movitvated!
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3AM and Awake!

Well Chad and I both are awake and can't go back to sleep. The problem is it is only 3AM. Dad - guess what Chad is up for? He is going to listen to the Michigan game on the computer! He truly is a fanatic about football. Today we will probably do some shopping off the island with our guide.

Soon it will be 24 hours till we get Aiden. I can't describe the feelings about this. I think about his parents and how hard it must have been for them to give up their son. Knowing what "loss" is I can relate to to them. What a blessing he will be to us and hopefully we will be to him. He needs a mom and dad to love him up.

Well I gotta go, Chad wants to get on here for the game... men!

Cow & Bridge Restaurant

Well tonight we ventured out and ate at the Cow & Bridge Thai restaurant. I had heard from many other families that this was a great place to eat. It was very good. Taylor enjoyed the noodles and spicy chicken. She loved eatting with chopsticks. On the way back to our hotel, right next door we saw a restaurant. We saw this guy with a net and here he was getting out the "fresh" fish from the INTEX swimming pool outside of the restaurant. So funny! Chad thought he saw the guy bring an eel out and Taylor wanted me to go take a picture of it. Then when we got back to the hotel Chad said, "I think someone was in here and fixed our bed again". Here, housekeeping found out that I had twisted my ankle outside of the hotel and left we a note that this medicine will help my ankle, it is some sort of lotion. I thought that was so thoughtful of them. We are very tired but trying to stay up so we get on China time. We aren't sure how to work the phones here so we might not be able to call home. But we are doing well. The people are so friendly. Wish you were here mom to enjoy this with us! Love ya.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Just Relaxing Today...

We are doing well. It is very nice here on Shamien Island. Very hot and humid. We went out and checked out a few of the sites. We met very anxious shop keepers eager to sell us things. I did break down and got Taylor a traditional Chinease dress for pictures, 2 pair of cute shoes, a movie and 2 t-shirts for $35.00. Hopefully that was pretty good. It is hard to know what are good buys and not. Figuring out the currency also is a little tricky... and Math was never my forte'.

The Victory is very nice, our room is nice as well. We are in a suite, but I have to say the beds are so uncomfortable. My back is hurting today. Taylors roll in cot with a 2 inch matteress was more comfortable then the traditional bed we have. They came in and put 2 blankets on the bed, so we will see if that helps. But really, I am just so excited to be here. The people here are very friendly and most speak pretty good English here. We stopped in several shops and where I bought Taylors things (Jessica's Place) she was very nice and asked all about what the US is like. It is funny because people really stare at Taylor with her light colored hair and eyes. They will come up and ask to take pictures with her or just tell her she is beautiful... Well Taylors eyes get big and she doesn't know what to say. She is shy around strangers so this is all new for her.

She has been a great traveler though. I can't complain at all. Right now we are relaxing in the room and will probably check out the pool on top of the hotels roof. It is very humid here so I can just imagine it will be sweltering up there. We did and go visit the White Swan hotel - Maggie you are right it is hard to beat. Our room is nice here but that hotel is something else. Very beautiful. I do wish I would have brought a converter.

We just finished having lunch at an Italian restaurant here on the island. It was called Dolce Vita (something like that). It was very good. I have to say I am a little nervous about the different foods here but so far things have been very good. There are 7-elevens here so we are able to get some familiar things. They even sell squid in packs like jerky. I have to keep reminding Taylor not to say, "OH GROSS"... when she see things. We did enjoy Starbucks today. Nothing like a little familiar so far away.

We have met many adoptive parents here. It is making me so anxious to get Aiden. I can't wait to just love him up. Everyone is so friendly since so many people who adopt stay here on the island. We met a family from Idaho and we may do the River Cruise with them on Wednesday. Well I am going to sign off. It is only about 2PM and I am feeling like it is 2AM our time.

Taylor had to test out the roof top pool here. It is different swimming on the roof of a hotel. You look out here and there are just tons and tons of skyscrappers and apartment buildings. The thing that is unusual here is they have new buildings with the old slum buildings. It is really interesting and I am looking forward to exploring off the island a little.