Thursday, July 28, 2011

On the Road Again... Destination Michigan

Well, we are soon rounding down our summer. It seems like we have been so busy but busy helps time pass by. It seems like the past year has been a year of trials and tribulations but I am still thankful for the blessings we have. My dad last year came down with Lyme Disease - which he didn't know he had for two months, which turned into a life or death situation. He has had to retire and adjust to some short term memory issues, and being tired all the time. I am just so thankful he is here because it did not look good for awhile. Now Chad's dad is also dealing with his own battle with severe pancreatitis. Praying for a miracle that he gets healed... He is 8 weeks into being in ICU right now but slow progress is being made.

When you have these life or death situations it really makes you appreciate the time you have with loved ones. Even though it can be a pain to travel with 3 kids, find someone to care for our 2 dogs and other things - it is worth it once we arrive. I do feel like I am ready for a vacation from vacation sometimes! 3 kids are definitely more then when I just had one three years ago! I love it and feel blessed though... but packing for two girls - ugh lots of clothing and shoes.

We are almost 4 months out till Chad returns to. Thank goodness for Skype and Skype on my IPHONE is awesome. We can take Chad anyplace with us! Compared to when we first came into the military 17 years ago life has definitely changed with technology. I hope to get more into blogging again once my life settles down in another month. Really my life never settles down and that's okay! Here are a few pictures of our summer so far!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Blessings in Heartache... Remembering Chase 7/16/2007

Not that I need a day to "remember" my son Chase but I like to honor him on his "birth day"... today would have been #4. I remember one of my friends who also lost a baby telling me, "The bleeding stops but the scars always remains", this is so true - but I can say that God has been so good and faithful. When I went through losing Chase (1 day before he was to be born after years of trying to have another child) I just remember laying there thinking, "Please God fill me with your peace to get me through this". Somehow someway with God and my family we were able to get through these years.

Don't get me wrong - it still hurts knowing one is missing at different times of the year, but I can celebrate because I know one day I will see him again. He was our son, a brother, a grandson - you just don't forget that... I will never forget calling Chad in Iraq to tell him this news... I am so thankful for family that could be there - and who has always remembered... that means more the words can say. I always tell people if you know someone who lost a child or anyone for that matter, don't be afraid to say, "Hey I was thinking of you" "How are you doing" ... I remember seeing a quote one time and I find it so true, "Stillborn means Still Born"...

So my way of remembering that day - is to also honor it. I have always felt that there is a reason for everything and although I still don't always understand why God allows pain - I do KNOW that it makes me think of others a little more. Sometimes I think God allows heartache to wake us up and make us be better people. So now we live life to the fullest, take chances, don't be afraid to break the mold.. You have one life and you never know when it might be taken.

Love you little guy... Thanks for remembering with me friends...