Friday, June 6, 2008

Seeing Our Family for the First Time!

Aiden is doing well. He just recovered from being down with the flu and I was so lucky to get these pictures. He is looking at the picture book of our family! What a blessing. God knows that I need these reassurances to keep pressing on! I can't wait to be able to bring him home to our family. Taylor is so excited as well. To see the pictures bigger click on them. I figured I should figure out how to incorporate a slideshow in here.


Kimi said...

Oh Heidi, he is beyond beautiful...I am sooo glad you got a report of him...I know it does your heart good. Let me know when your DTC so I can celebrate with you.


Tina Walp said...

What a georgeous little guy! How wonderful that you have kind folks that will send you pictures so that you can watch him grow. I'm sure you're so anxious to bring him HOME! He'll be there before you know it! Keep us updated!

Tina :)

stephanie said...

What a cutie! How amazing that people have been able to see him and take pictures for you. It's wonderful to hear things are coming along well:-) Stephanie

Sherri said...

Oh, I remember so well how exciting it was to get ANY news while you're waiting. But PICTURES! That's fantastic!

I can't wait to follow your journey! And Aiden is a cutie pie!


Mona said...

Aiden is just beautiful! I pray that he too comes home safely to be a part ofr your beautiful family! God Bless you Heidi!

Mona (HSBS)