Friday, December 11, 2009

Random pictures...

I have been so bad at blogging since we have moved out here, I know I need to get better. For me to write I have to have that writers inspiration and for some reason I just haven't had it here of late. I guess to be honest I am still adjusting to life in the Midwest. Living in NJ for 10 years really spoiled me, we had such a normal life and now starting all over has been a challenge. I miss my friends and family something fierce - but I am thankful for all we have here.

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Anonymous said...

We miss you all as well. I know you will stay positive for your family. You are a strong person and all this distance is making us all stronger.
All will work with the adoption, stay positive and like you said "in God's time." Focus on what you have.... the future will come soon enough- with many, many more blessings to come- be it one, two, or three more kids.
I have lots of love to spread to how ever many kids God wants our family to have.
How blessed we are. I have really been thanking God so much... Leah has just put so much into perspective. It truly is unbelievable.