Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back into blogging world again... Life is busy!

Since Facebook has come into play in my life it seems like my blogging has taking a side seat.  Actually, with our adoption of Summer last year, homeschooling and having my husband gone for about 8 months that also has had alot to do with it.  I am thinking of creating a new blog that is a little more up to date on other things going in our lives. 

This past year has been great, busy and blessings!  Busy with soccer, homeschooling activties and just life that is for sure.  Summer has grown so much.  It is so awesome to see how she just LOVES having a family.  Taylor and her are so close.  I would do older child adoption in a heartbeat again... I also would adopt young... I wish I could but we are probably at our limit with our life right now.  Who is to say what the future holds right?

We got some news that we will be moving to England next year.  This will probably be our last assignment or next to last.  Mixed emotions with everything there... I am looking forward to new adventures but also hard to say goodbye to the great friends we have made here.  I would have never thought I would love this area so much.  I think the homeschooling community is awesome.  Its been like selecting college courses all the things that are available. 

Some of the things they have done is Lego Physics, Lego Robotics, Art with a professional artist, American Girl doll History, Circus Arts and Musical theater.  That doesn't include soccer, swimming and church activities.   I know the stereotype for homeschooling is "sheltered, anti social kids" - I can affirm that this is quite the opposite in my kids.  We are so blessed and busy!

Moving to England... I am looking forward to it but hoping we can find a great community to build good friendships and also have my kids continute to grow.  It is a little stressful thinking about all the changes but I think it will be great.  I am looking forward to the photography opportunities over there!  Beautfiul scenery for sure. 

Here are a few fav pictures of our past year... Going to start updating regularly again - it is therapeutic for me :)

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