Friday, November 2, 2007

How Aiden is doing in China

Here is an updated report on how Aiden is doing- from China..

He has lively and open personality. He is lovely and loves to smile. He babbles and likes colorful balls and toys that make noises. Hecan look for toys to play with. He likes to play with his friends in theactivity room. When you play with him, he will giggle out loudly. He canwalk independently. If he falls he won't cry, instead he will get upbravely and continue walking. He likes outdoors. He likes sweet andporridge with meat in it.His condition is currently good. During the time he has been in the orphanage, he occasion when he hadpneumonia, colds and fever, sickness that is common for children. Aftertreatment he has completely recovered from all these sickness. Thischild is physically strong and he seldom gets sick."

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