Thursday, November 20, 2008

Older Children Waiting...

I just had to post this on my blog. My friend Maggie sent me the link and you can't view the clip without having your heart break. I just have such a heart for these kids, who knows maybe we will go back someday. If not I want to try and advocate for them. They really do not have much of a future in China being an orphan. Aiden watched it with me and he was going crazy pointing at these kids. I think he liked hearing the Chinese songs, but it is ironic to see him pointing at these kids who just want a home like he has.

I am posting this from another site:
CWA's site:Christian World Adoption is honored to be one of three agencies chosen by the CCAA to help the precious children who are waiting for their forever families, the children of Hope Project. Prayerfully consider if you are the right family for one of these children. These children are all older- and in the Beijing area. CWA spent a weekend with them and interviewed each one personally- video clips are included- tissue alert! I pray this new program finds these children families! The children wrote letters and drew pictures for their new families...oh, if I could only psychologically handle one more right now!!!There is a 13 year old who ages out on Feb 4th- and she realizes it. She broke down during the performance - and I cried for the next hour praying for her.Please, please pass this on. It is powerful, I hope it is very successful. I am told the CCAA is bending rules to bring these kids home.

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