Saturday, January 31, 2009

My "Girl" from China!

So, this week was a little rough. Chad and I came down with a virus on the same day, and needless to say it really kicked the "poop" out of us. (for lack of a better word) I asked Taylor if she could keep an eye on Aiden while I laid down for a little. So I had the door cracked so I could still hear them and I started to hear Aiden yell at Taylor a little... which isn't unusual for broher and sister. I walk out into the living room and she has her makeup kit spread out, a dress on Aiden and had him in full costume. At first he was not really into it, but then he wouldn't take the dress off all day... Chad didn't think it was too funny, but hey they are just kids! Now, I want a little girl!


Amy said...

Too funny!! Aiden is adorable no matter how he is dressed!! I have TONS of pictures of my son Carson dressed in princess garb, heels and all!! He was just trying to play like his sister! Yep, sounds like it is time for you to go get a little girl. We have been talking about getting a little boy in a few years!!

Jessica said...

There must be something about big sisters and dressing up their little brothers. Nadia does the same with Jude...I have pics to bring out someday too :)

Too funny...


FHL said...

Oh that is too funny!!! My dh still jokes about his boss almost sending him home early from Iraq after I emailed him pictures of our son dressed up as a "fireman fairy." Gotta love Daddy's and their boys! ;o)

Your children are adorable!