Sunday, April 26, 2009

March of Dimes Walk

I should be going to bed but for some reason I can't sleep! So here I am blogging about our day in PA at the March of Dimes walk. I haven't updated my March of Dimes website but we raised $360.00 ! I thank my friends and family who supported us, it really means a lot to Chad and I that you honored Chase's memory by donating to a cause to help with preventing these types of tragedies. It was such an emotional day. Last year I wanted to do this walk and missed it so I am so glad we were able to participate.

When Taylor and I pulled into the parking lot I just got this overwhelming feelings of emotion. I felt tears springing up in my eyes and I was like, "Okay, Heidi get it together". Here were all these people who have either suffered a loss or watched their little ones suffer a premature birth. When I saw the "Wall of Wonder" where people who lost their children it was a solemn moment to watch these other mothers put up a flag in honor of their child. I also got to meet my friend Kristen who lost her son Gavin around the same time as I did Chase. We have supported each other through email and finally met. Just a special person, and I could feel her pain. I still wonder why God allows these things to happen, that will be the big question when I make it to Heaven one day. There isn't a day that goes by that my heart doesn't wonder why. There will always be someone missing in our family. I know there is a bigger reason out there and I have faith that one day I will have my answers...

Barbara, who walked with us also lost her grandsons due to premature birth about 10 years ago so I know she knows too. Thank you for walking with us, you are like family to me. Thanks mom for always being there and supporting me through everything. And Taylor, you are the light of my life... thanks for jumping out of bed this morning and saying, "Mom, I WANT to walk for Chase" - I thought 3 miles might be too much for a 6 year old!

So here I am remembering Chase... remember he was "Stillborn but still born"


autumnesf said...

How wonderful that Taylor joined you!

Hugs to your family as you honor Chase's memory.

Amy in Arizona said...

What an emotional walk for you. We have also done the March of Dimes walk for our preemie sons. What a wonderful thing to do to honor your sweet son Chase!!

kristin said...

It was great getting to finally meet you and some of your family! I'm glad you posted your pictures from the walk. I had forgotten how emotional I get at the beginning of the walk being surrounded by everything that's going on and all of the "in memory of..." and "in honor of..." stories..... I know you know what I mean. I know you're moving away soon but let me know sometime when you're back in the area and have time to get together for a little.
~ Kristin

Kristen said...

Heidi that is a beautiful thing for you to do to honor Chase!!! Thinking of you!

-Kristen (Juliana's mommy)