Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chad "Pinning On" Ceremony Pictures/Birthday

Just thought I would share with family and friends Chads pinning on ceremony. It is something they do the day before someone puts on a new rank in the military. The squadron commander recognized him today in front of 100 airmen for his leadership and making SNCO. We are so proud of him and it was great to see his recognition and accomplishments that the colonel talked about. He is such a humble person I would have never known about all the awards he got if I would not have gone - he never says a word most times! Well, he did tell me when he made his rank, which I guess is most important. Taylor came to see what a pinning on ceremony entailed. Basically it is putting on your stripe a day before you actually put it on, and talking about what the next rank entails - while someone socks your arm as they do it! It is a tradition in the AF, I guess slight hazing (haha). His Chief also got up and said what a great asset Chad has been and how he will be missed. I am adding a few video clips... not the greatest but you can get the idea... Also some b-day pictures from yesterday! (yes, Chad is younger then me, he loves to rub in that fact) Taylor wrapped up her bunny for Chad in her one blanket... she is too cute! Chad was like, "Oh, this is nice"... then like a minute later he goes, "Okay, Taylor now you can put the bunny back in your room"... way to go along with it Chad!


autumnesf said...

Congrats to Chad!

Tacking on the new stripes is always my favorite part!

FHL said...

Congratulation!!! Hope Chad's birthday was wonderful! :o)

OP said...

Congrats Ziggi and happy birthday too.

~Mrs Sandy~ said...

Congrats to Chad!!!!
Just stopping by from SITS and wanted to say hello! Now I'm off to enjoy your blog! Have a great Tuesday!
Hugs, Sandy