Friday, July 17, 2009

A new day here in Illinois..

It is Friday here and we are excited Chad is coming back today. A week TDY is nothing compared to 4 or 6 months but it is nice he is coming back. I need some more pictures hung up in the house (ha ha). Taylor has been going to a drama/music camp at a local church here and tonight she has a program for it. So that is our exciting Friday night excursion. I love to see her praising God, it always warms my heart. Aiden is dying to go but he has to wait one more year.

Life here is going pretty good. It has been a good transition. I appreciate all the warm thoughts yesterday and allowing me to express my thoughts on here and not think I am crazy. You know I always think Chad is a big strong guy and it is just as hard on him on Chase's day. He wrote a little tribute on Chases site and it made me realize he still hurts too. How can you not right? I think what really hurts is when you think some people would be there for you and aren't, but I guess that is par for the course for us.. we just keep pressing on as a family. I really have to just concentrate on us or I would go crazy with all that, and pray.

So now off to do a whirlwind cleaning job on our house. If anyone knows Chad you know how tidy he is... So I guess that pile of wash better get done! I can be such a procrastanator at times. Hope you all have a great weekend. I am thinking we may take in the zoo or something like that.

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