Sunday, March 28, 2010

I was just thinking how fast time is flying since we moved out here to Illinois. We almost have one year in - 2 more to go! I know it sounds like I am looking at this in a negative way, not at all. I actually have adjusted to the slower life out here and have kept us busy with things. Yes, of course I still miss the East coast, but in the meantime I am going to enjoy wherever I am - even if there is no water around (lol). I think the key is to stay busy and enjoy my kids to the fullest. I look at Taylor and can't believe that she will be 8. Where did time go? I never want to look back at life and be like, "I wish I would have done that"... Right now, I am trying to get together a unit study on dinosaurs she is so into that. Anyone have any good sites they would like to share?

I am slowly but surely getting back into my creative mode. I am trying to brush up on my photoshop and photography things. I have found a friend out here who is very creative - I can't wait to do some things with her... I will post more later on that.

Still working on the paperwork for my adoption, it seems like a never ending process. I have put it in God's hands and when it will be it will be. At this rate I am thinking October till we travel. In the meantime, I have been lucky enough to send some clothing and letters over to her. I am still trying to decide what to name Sun Fen. We will keep her Chinese name but also give her an American name. Chad likes the name "Mia", not bad but I don't feel it is that unusual either. I always like names with meaning, I guess we will see! We flipped a coin for Taylors name because we couldn't agree and who do you think won - Chad! I like the names, Avery, Tia, Tian, Autumn, Mahlia... who knows. I just can't wait to get her home.


autumnesf said...

Have you considered Sunni? A play off her original name - and her wonderful photos.

Also, with her age, you might consider asking her. She just might have a strong opinion on the subject herself that makes it real easy to settle.

Good luck! Naming is always a painful process for hubs and I as we never agree! LOL!

Blessed Family said...

Hi Autumn, I have thought about asking her - which I will... but with China they changed things since my last adoption... you have to give them and English name before you travel... I wish I didn't. I did think of that name as well... still keeping in the back of my mind! Hope you are doing well!