Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer craziness.. busy, busy

So much has been going on this summer I feel like my head is spinning at times. School ended and we took my kids to my mother in laws in Michigan for two weeks, went to Michigan for Memorial Day weekend, got Taylor ready for church camp and Aiden is in "Camp Cho Cho" this week for 3 hours a day... I thought summer is suppose to be relaxing? Doesn't seem to be that way when you are a military family and everyone wants you to come visit... plus I do like my kids to know their relatives, but it doesn't make summer relaxing. I miss going to the beach for vacation or Florida... we are going home... I think next year we will definitely make some changes... Plus we will have a new addition. I do think the holidays we will be relaxing a little more.

So my summer is just starting we are going to Michigan for 4th of July and then towards the end of the month I will be going back to the East coast to my families house... lots of miles and hours in the car. Thank goodness for DVD players in the car!

In the meantime, we also had 3 birthdays in May.... Taylor turned 8, Aiden turned 4 and Sun Fen turned 8... I was able to get some updated pictures of her on her birthday. It makes me sad that she still waits, my home study agency was not very fast 10 months to finish a home study, not good at all. It could be Christmas/January till we travel.

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