Sunday, December 12, 2010

Loving the holidays!

Well our Christmas activities are starting to wind down. December has been really busy here. Plays, musical, piano recital, and church things have kept our family busy - not to mention the parties... After the holidays I swear I am going on a strict diet, protein maybe? It is hard to resist all those yummy treats sometimes. After Christmas we are visiting my family back in PA and hopefully going back to NJ for a night or two to see some awesome friends. I do like it out here in Illinois but I still am an East coast girl at heart, no pretty landscaping out here that is for sure - I probably miss that the most.

We are hoping our Letter of Approval comes in for Sun Fen this week or next. It has been such a LONG process. I keep telling myself all in God's timing but it is hard at times. Luckily the business of our live has helped us focus on other things but it is hard not to think of our 8 year old little girl alone over in China who needs a mom and dad. Next year will be so marvelous.

Last night we went caroling to some "shut ins" it was so awesome to see the kids not be afraid to go up to the elderly and sing to them - I hope to instill in my kids that it is not about I at Christmas but about what can "I" do to help others. I see so much selfishness and so many people lose the focus about what Christmas is about. What ever happen to doing just good will toward people without having something happen in return to you? Hope you have a great week friends...

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Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Hi Heidi, As I read your post, I wondered what your time line has been like? Can you share that with we have only just begun.