Monday, August 24, 2009

Catching Up...

It has been awhile since I blogged so I thought I might start back at it. We have been busy with school starting here so early (August 12th). It has been an adjustment to say the least for Taylor with school but we are praying everything works out. I think she misses her friends and teachers from back home - she also says that school is way to easy for her right now. So, I have been praying about what should I do?? I think I may start supplementing her with homeschool and see how that goes. It is hard knowing what to do with your kids sometimes. You would think I would know what to do since I went to school for teaching - but it is so different when it is your kid.

Aiden started his "special" preschool also. He loves it. It is through the school district and he gets speech therapy and alot of one on one attention. He thinks he is big stuff now. Everyone says, "He is so delightful"... He is the first one out of bed in the morning and then he stands over Taylor telling her she needs to get up... or should I say yelling at her. It is so funny to hear this 20 pound kid yelling at his big sister to get moving.

~ this has been edited ~
I just want to say, my blog is my way to express myself. Maybe sometimes I "express" myself to much and I apologize for offending anyone. I guess when I get hurt or let down I let it fester and that isn't always a good thing. I know my blog has helped other people who have gone through something similar and I know it has helped me. It is real, it is what happens in life. Yes well, keep pressing on right?

Well enough with all that... I am going to be trying to update more and also get back into my business stuff. I have also treaded back into the exercise routine bit again. We have been biking and walking everyday. Taylor loves it too! I sure miss everyone back East, hope you are doing well! Look out for my new blog I will be creating.


Shirlee McCoy said...

Sadly, there will always be people in this world who lack the ability to empathize. Two years is not too long to mourn your child. A lifetime is not too long. I had miscarriage nine years ago, and I still think about the baby I lost.

As for school...I was trained as a teacher, I homeschool all five kids, and I still struggle with knowing what the 'right' thing to do is.

autumnesf said...

You know - we accept that we are all different, with different likes and dislikes and personalities. Yet, let someone grieve (or any other thing really) different than that person would and its grounds for an attack. Why is that????? Why can't someone elses grieving process look different than what yours would??? Why are they threatened by the way you grieve/celebrate a special life? Why do they think they have the right or only answer? I hope your hurt heals soon over this incidence. It's really very sad.

Lisa said...


I am commenting "post" edit, so please know if I omit lending support for something its not due to lack of sensitivity. :) Does that make sense?? Yikes! I will offer hugs for the edited part anyways!

As to school year transitions, its always always an adjustment. & I agree that when its your own children, its very different! Supplementing sounds like the perfect solution for now and hopefully things will even out as the year progresses.

So sweet that your little guy is so excited for school....I was a teacher too before staying home and that's the student we all want! :)

Love the pics! L is starting soccer this Monday....awesome sport!