Monday, August 31, 2009


Yesterday, we went to my friend Maggie's house for a birthday party. Aiden just loves Leah, we kid each other that they are our future daughter/son in law. We had a great time together. I can say that people here really are so friendly. It makes moving here so much easier. They have been such a blessing to us. ( I know I have said that a lot but I can't help it) I am grateful! It is just amazing that a year ago Maggie and I were talking on the phone about our adoptions, living across the US from each other and I end up 15 minutes from her now... I think it was a "God" thing... he knew I needed someone.

So today, my goal is to get myself organized - I should say my week goal is that. My sewing/craft room is still quite a mess. It is easy when it is the room in the basement to let it be like this. I am trying to get myself back in the business mode again. I am going to be starting another blog with all that on here soon. I am trying to design my own blog this time so it is taking me a little while. Please email me if you would like this link ( ) . I am going to be sharing some good recipes that I have been making and some clothing design. I think Taylor is into it as well. She picked out her colors already. Now I just have to sit down and put it together.


Lisa said...

How wonderful that your move brought you closer to a dear friend! The photos were wonderful; I was so behind and had a ball peeking back at your St. Louis adventures and back to school photos! Your kiddos are such cuties!

We have been to both the zoo and the Magic House and loved 'em both! Did you touch the big static silver ball? Great photo op moment! :)
Thanks for the smiles!

Global Girl said...

So glad to have found your blog :)

You must tell Maggie to start blogging again. We met in China last year, and I so adore her family!

Blessed Family said...

HI, I tried emailing you through your blog and can't... Maggie is a great friend of mine... feel free to email me off list, and I will give Maggie your email. I have told her she needs to blog as well too! She is in Ethopia right now with a friend.