Thursday, September 10, 2009

New link...

I just had to share this picture of my niece. I sure miss her!

I have been going crazy for the last week trying to get my "followers" list to configure with my blog. For some reason my web address is wrong with that "gadget" and I can't figure out how to change it without changing my address. So I ended up changing my blog address. Feel free to pass on my blog, it isn't private... Hope you all are doing well! I still miss the East coast but it isn't bad out here, just another pit stop for our family. It is funny when I see shows on Philadelphia I have to stop and take it in... I never realized how much I liked living close to the city till we moved away. I think the thing is - we were there for 10 years and developed a sense of "home"... some day it will be home again (I hope)! I know there are people out there thinking "How can you like that area?"... I liked being so close to so much... friends and family!


Lisa said... can be hard to leave a place you consider and felt was home...whether you lived there for a year or 10 years! Your niece is darling!

I voted on your name was so hard! I adore the name Lexi, but its our furry girl's name, so I couldn't vote for it for your daughter! :) So, I picked Emmy, as I thought it seemed timeless but unique.
I don't think there is a bad name in the bunch!
:) Lisa

Anonymous said...


I hope I am at the right blog! LOVE the name! I am now fllowin you too :).

Global Girl said...

Hi there :)

Maggie's post just showed up on my dashboard; made me laugh! Then, I saw your reply to my comment. Thanks!!

My blog is private, and I rarely update, but I'm happy to add you!