Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our weekend...

Well this weekend, we had a soccer game, birthday party and then today a rained out air show on base. Weekends here are still a little different. We have been here not even 3 months but it seems so much longer. I miss my family and friends back east that is for sure. We are so looking forward to seeing everyone in the next few weeks. My mom is coming out on Wednesday, we are going home October 6th, and then my dad is coming out the end of the month. Taylor and Aiden are so excited.

We are having school issues of Taylor feeling like she isn't learning as much as she did last year. She likes her teacher and school but feels she is learning things she learned in early kindergarten. It is hard knowing what the right thing to do for her is. I never thought being in 1st grade could be so hard. The one great thing is we made some really good friends here.

Today we had the air show to go to on base. It rained.. and needless to say there were no planes flying. Chad had to work a hotdog stand, Taylor thought that was the funniest thing. So the kids enjoyed going in some of the planes.

These were from soccer yesterday..


Mrs. Smith said...

it looks like you hands full. but it looks like it was alot of fun!
Mrs. Sassy Pants!

Anonymous said...

Very nice-
I had to cry looking at Taylor playing soccer... don't ask me why.
It jsut hit me how big she is getting- and thinking God that wasn't too long ago I had that smelly red pinnie on!
I love you all- and miss you all terribly as well.
Taylor and Aiden have to sleep at my house at least one night when they are home!
Love- Aunt Heather