Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I was so excited to get an update on SunFen today. I have a great gal (ANGELA) in China who is so awesome at getting updates for families who wait. It is these little updates that make the wait tolerable and makes Sun Fen even more real to us. I wasn't able to get pictures this time but questions answered that I wrote to her. I have a friend who is going to the area where she is from on a mission trip and will be taking this care package we out together. Today, I am going to take a video and she will be able to watch it over in China. Some of you have asked about names and how we made out with that... It seemed like Willow won out in the popular poll I had done. I like that name too, but am going to wait until I meet her and see how things go. (She is from Nanning, Gaungxi)

So here is a copy of the email I got today.. Thanks Lady Bugs N Love .

Hi Heidi,
I have received the update today! The orphanage is going to send me pictures later.
Here is the info I got:
Does Sun Fen need a winter coat or clothing?
Yes, she wants a coat, a sweater and two pants.

What does she think of having a sister her age?
She is happy about having a sister her age.

Would she like to share a room with her or would she like one by herself, color of room?
She likes to share a room with her sister and she likes pink room.

What does she think about coming to the United States?
She hope she can see dad and mom and go to US as soon as possible.

What is her favorite thing to do?
Play with computer.

What would she like to know about her new family?
She wants to know dad and mom’s occupation, hobby and personality.

I am wondering if she remembers anything from her family before she was given up at 4? How has she dealt with that?
She dimly remember her house, can’t remember anything else. She thinks that her parents have ineffable difficulties.

Is she able to draw or write us a letter back (I will pay for it) ?
Yes. We’ll mail it later.

If I sent a video over with a volunteer who is going to her orphanage next month, is she able to view it? It would be of her family.
Yes, she will be able to view it.

How is school going?
She is doing very well at school. She is a good student.

I will get back to you as soon as I receive pictures!
Have a blessed day!

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Party of Seven said...

I saw your post on china Heart! Thanks for sharing your blog. YOur children are beautiful! Look forward to following your journey. We are looking at an 8 year old right now from Guangdong but we have to go to committee for her because their is another family interested too. We should know something in the next few weeks. WE have not told anyone until we know if they choose us or the other family! Congrats to your family!

Suzette said...

I just decided to take a look at your blog after seeing it on our yahoo group. We are also adopting with AWAA and hope to travel in the spring to get our daughter. She will be four in December and we are so ready to bring her home! She has had one heart surgery and will most likely need another soon after coming home. I also got updates on her from Angela and will probably do it again soon. Your daughter is beautiful! I would love to know which province she is in.

Blessed Family said...

She is from Nanning, Guangxi Province. She is living with a foster family. Hope to follow your journey!