Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby Loss Awareness Day..remembering all babies

This video someone sent me, sad but so true. Just wanted to remember my son Chase, as well as all my friends who have lost a child. Today is a day of remembering all the little lives gone to soon from our life. Although, life moves on there is not a day that a parent who loses a child forgets about that child. It is a hole in the soul. I do thank God for his hope that he has given me and my family for the future. I truly believe everything happens for a reason although it is hard to understand, why? Why would God allow me to have years of infertility all to lose my son 3 days before birth? But I have had to just give it over to God and thank him for giving me peace to move on. We move on but never forget. I look at Taylor and think, "Would, Chase look like her?"... then I look at Aiden, and I think, "Would Aiden be alive if it weren't for Chase".

I do think there is so much to learn from the loss of a loved one, and that is to realize that life is short. I feel like I really try to live like that song says, "Live like you were dying". I was one of those people that lived in a bubble from true loss, and then it happened. I have done alot of soul searching over the last two years, and I truly hope I am a more compassionate person. I just wanted to remember especially my friends on Silent Grief, Odette,Kristin, Tabitha and Dusty. Our little ones are our guardian angels... one day we will be united, there will come a day...

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Anonymous said...

Always remembering our little precious Chase- you are never forgotten- but our angel who watches over all of us everyday.

love you buddy-
Aunt heather