Friday, October 23, 2009

"Poppy's" Arrived... the kids are so happy

My kids were so happy when my dad came to visit today. They have been looking forward having company at our house. We are so happy to see him. It is priceless to see Aiden just run up to him when he sees him. It is amazing how from the very beginning Aiden just had a special spot for "poppy" and vice versa. My dad brought out the four wheeler Aiden drives around out in PA when he comes. He just about went crazy when he saw it in his truck. Chad is away right now, so it is nice having some company. I am going to go through withdraw when he leaves because we have been lucky to see so much family this month. It isn't bad out here, but it is taking some adjusting being away from what we called home for 10 years. So it is wonderful having some of home come out here.. Poppy bought those new pajamas for the kids... I was shocked Taylor wanted feet pajamas too. I guess Aiden can't have something different then she has... you know how that goes!


OP said...

Gosh that's a pretty big ride for such a cute little fella. It is always hard to hang without family. Take care and enjoy while you can.

autumnesf said...

Poppys are the best! I'm sad for my kids this Christmas as it will be the first anniversary for their Poppys death.

I hear you about missing family!