Friday, April 15, 2011

Back home...

Well, we made it back to the US on Saturday and since that day I still have been trying to recover from jet lag... not sure why this time around it has been so much harder. Maybe having three kids now has something to do with it, ha ha. When we came home some friends of ours decorated the outside of the house with decorations and then my mother in law and Chad decorated the inside. Summer was just elated with her new home. She ran up to Chad from the airport and gave him a big hug and Aiden. Needless to say Aiden and her have been little buddies. Every morning when Aiden wakes up he can't wait to see Summer.

It has been great - but I want you to know also there are times where you are like, "What did I do?"... especially when there is some friction, whining and crying from the kiddos. That is usually short lived but it IS an adjustment period. Taylor has had her feelings hurt with Aiden wanting Summer, we get the "Everything is about her now" or "Aiden wants Summer all the time"... but for the most part (95%) of the day things are running smoothly. I just am needing to get back into the swing of life. I have been SO SO tired since my trip home. I think the excitement of China and the whole adoption process has you all vamped up then when you get home it is a let down for awhile. Which is good because I am SO glad to be done with the paperwork, waiting on approvals, financial things etc... but now it is a new adjustment.

As for Summer, I still am waiting for her to grieve - I have not seen one tear yet which makes me worry if she is really internalizing things to much. Yet, I see a kid who LOVES to play with her siblings, loves her dad, has done well with meeting church friends - etc. It is almost to good to be true. OR I can think that God worked through and really prepared her for leaving all she has known for a family. I do think they realize at this age what they had to look forward to in China being in a foster home compared to having a forever family, I think it helps rationalize things. She is so sweet and has just been great. It is also so cool to see how many people in our church have opened their arms to her. She has so many people pulling for her and just loving her. It really brings tears to my eyes, I love this area for that reason alone!

Some of the little things we have learned in the few days we have had her at home - put the child safety locks on in the car. We were going down the highway and she opened her door, thank God Chad was with to grab it quickly. The other thing is - we should have had her foot measured sooner, she came to us in a size 2 and is a size 4 shoe! I asked her over and over if her feet hurt and she said no! And lastly - as we went out to eat the other day we were paying our bill at the cash register and I look down and she had no shoes on! - She left them under the table... So important lesson - make sure kids have shoes on when exiting the diner!


The Straight's said...

Beautiful family of 5!!

Sure wish we could go out for another foot massage :)

Jen said...

Wow! I bet you are tired. I remember the jet lag, and that was just with 2 kids. :) Glad she's adjusting so well so far. Grieving may come, but God will see you through that, too.