Monday, April 4, 2011

A day at the park..with friends

Today has been a fun day... thank goodness for good sleep that can do wonders. Yesterday just was a long day - sometimes it gets old being by yourself and yesterday was one of them... Today we went to one of my favorite parks we have been to in China. We were there when we got Aiden and it brings back a lot of good memories. Beautiful park where the Chinese exercise together young and old and then there are rides in it for the kids as well. Wish we had one of those!

Tomorrow we go to the US embassy to go to meet with the Consulate worker about Summers Visa... then we get it Thursday and that will be it for the paperwork. We take off at 12:30PM on Friday and get back to the States in St. Louis at 9:00 PM (China is 12 hours ahead in case you are wondering). Looking back at my pictures it has been a great trip - just long. I have tried to soak in as much as I can and have Taylor experience as much as she could as well. I REALLY hope with my kids that I teach them not to be afraid to do things... that life is an adventure.

Today, Taylor and Summer have been buddies again... It is bound to happen hurt feelings etc. Wait till they share a room! Tonight we are going to the "Banana Leaf" Thai restaurant with the friends we have met here. I have to say it has been nice being in a group this portion of our trip - it helps pass the time.

I was thinking I need to soak up everything because soon we won't be here any more... and soon Chad will be leaving again for 6 months and I will be having all the kids... People wonder how I do things alone so much - well, if I didn't do it I wouldn't have what I have - or see what I have seen, and being a military wife what choice do I have right? Sometimes conditions aren't what I would like but it has made me into who I am and I hope to pass that on to my kids - to rely on themselves and the rest will fall into place.

No matter what life has thrown at me I always have one person with me all the time - and HE never leaves me... God is good! One day Chad and I won't have this crazy life of the Air Force and then we will look at each other like, "Now what do we do - this is boring!" - just kidding!

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FHL said...

I so wish he didn't have to leave so soon. You are so strong and I know that the Lord will carry you all through under the shadow of his wings. But I do wish the timing could be different. Enjoying my nightly visit with the Zeiglers :o) Goodnight my friend!! :o)