Monday, April 4, 2011

Down Day... getting ready to come home

Today, was one of those days were we went had one quick appointment this morning (TB test reading) and then we were dropped off at a shopping area. I have been to this place before and it isn't one of those markets were they are grabbing you to go in the back room to look at their watches and purses (well there were a few but not many) After looking around and navigating the stores that are 9 escalators tall and getting sandwiched in an elevator one to many times we decided to get a taxi and head back to our hotel... I have TRULY enjoyed my time here and am soaking it all up but it is just one of those days were you long for people not pushing you, feeling like you aren't going to get run over when you step onto the street and just to be able to have a good American meal besides Pizza Hut, Italian, KFC... etc. Okay now that I got that out I feel better, lol. Yes, I am only human... maybe I feel this way because when we flew into our taxi I banged my head off the door so I wouldn't get left behind and now I have a splitting headache!

It has been such a great trip but I am ready for "real life" to begin again. I feel SO blessed by experiencing China again for the 2nd time. I know we will be back again to bring our kids to their homeland. It really is a lot different then what we as Americans think of China. I love learning about the culture of my children. When I start to feel anxious and miss my familiar things I think of what Summer feels like being with us and what she will experience at home in the USA. Can you imagine not knowing much English and have no idea what anyone is saying around you? I can't imagine giving up so much just to have a family. Hopefully we live up to her expectations!

People wonder what we will be doing as far as English - well activities, church things and of course good old language programs... We are lucky to get Rosetta Stone through the Air Force for free - so that is something she will be trying out. I also have several apps that she can translate to us and vice versa. She already has the phrase, "Let's go" and "Taylor!!" down pat. Taylor and her had their first "tiff" today. Just normal kid stuff but it will be an adjustment. Taylor wanted her to play Chinese hackysack and Summer just wanted to do a puzzle... well Taylor got upset and then Summer threw the puzzle at Taylor... I am thinking "Well, they act like siblings already"! Then 30 minutes later they were playing together beautifully.... Seriously, being in a hotel no matter how nice it is after 2 weeks gets to anyone!

I am just going to upload a few photos I have had on my iphone... Hope all is well friends!

P.S. I love the video of Taylor playing hackysack - kids no know boundaries when it comes to fun!

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