Sunday, April 3, 2011

In Guangzhou... having fun, wearing out a little

Just a quick ... I am beginning to wear down a little today! We had a fun day at the Guangxi Safari Park today with the other families we are here with. This is the first time we have had to share a guide and I have to say it is nice being with some other Americans and their kids are so adorable! One is even from Michigan so we had that in common (with Chad) - I will forgive them for being Michigan fans, lol. Seriously, it has been fun back in Guagnzhou. It is familiar and reminds of the last time I was here with Chad and Aiden.

We are staying at the Garden this time and it is a BEAUTIFUL hotel to say the least. Our agency got us a good rate and it was so well worth it. It has now been 10 days or so since I have been over here and I am getting tired. Enjoying our time and making the most of it but I am getting worn out! I really need to get myself back into the gym so I can keep up with these girls...

Speaking of the girls - they are still so cute together. The competitive side between them is coming out... Summer is right up there with Taylor with needing to be first with everything etc. They are just to cute and such a blessing.

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FHL said...

I bet you are ready for a big hubby hug and your own bed and pillow! You're almost home Heidi :o)

Love all the pics of your beautiful girls...TOGETHER!