Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Great Book!

Well I have a few minutes to myself and felt like sharing a book I just started to read tonight. You probably are wondering how I have had time to read with all the chaos in our family right now... I took time for myself tonight and went and had my hair done, and while I was there I read part of this book. Those grays were coming through way too bright (haha). That is one thing, having a 2 year old makes it a little harder to endulge in activities such as getting your hair done. My hair dresser stayed until 10PM to finish me up - what a sweety! I feel like I could go out dancing now (well okay that is pushing it a little, maybe blogging will have to do). It is wierd how the simple things are so enjoyable when you have children.

Anyways, I picked up this book by Victoria Osteen, "LOVE YOUR LIFE " Living Happy, Healthy at Target tonight. http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Love-Your-Life/Victoria-Osteen/e/9780743296939 While I was waiting for my gray hair to get covered up I was totally encouraged by just reading one chapter. She is very light hearted and such a POSITIVE author/pastor. It is not a "religous" book (I hate that term) but definitely an uplifting book. At the end of each Chapter she has "Anchor Thoughts" and this is what really stood out to me:

I will fill my memory box with good things, recognizing my importance, living with a champion's mentality.

What I took from this chapter and the questions I asked myself, is "What is in my memory box in my heart?"... How do I see myself?
I immediately thought of the memory box I have for Chase, and I was thinking I want to have that memory box because that is part of our life. BUT I want other things to be put on top of that, all the blessings that are also in our life. I hope in my memory box, there will be acts of kindness to other people, I hope I am a good example for my children and a loving wife. I hope my life touches at least one person. It is easy to get stressed out and think on the negative and really where does that get me? I hope my children are able to pull from that box and I hope I can influence future generations. It really makes me take a step back and look and rethink what type of job am I doing? We all have days when it seems as though life is trying to knock us down and get us off course, and we lose sight of the great treasure inside us. But what matters most is not how you may feel or how you appear to others; what matters most is what you believe about your own value and significance.

Your life paints a picture...
Everything we do produces a seed and leaves something for future generations.

I just pray that I can be the person that I know God wants me to be, and I pray for the patience that I think I once had. It does make you think when you read books like these like where is my life going? Am I making a deposit in someones life or a withdrawl? In Victorias book she talks about our children are not going to remember the big house we lived in, fancy cars we had but they are going to see how we lived and how we loved each other. God wants us to grow and move into our desitny. I am thinking what do I want my destiny to be?

I just wanted to share that... I know I am probably talking to cyberspace but that is okay it is therapeutic for me! I love good books and it has been awhile since I actually picked one up and sat down and read one.

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