Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Enchiladas in a crockpot.. Yummy!

Well, I was looking at the crockpot blog and I saw the enchilada in a crockpot recipe. I thought that looked really good. I kind of made it my own though... I do that with so many recipes, I make it work for our family and what I think sounds good. Taylor my pickiest one, liked it... she said it looked gross but it was "all right"... Chad and Aiden loved it, but then again Aiden eats anything. I made it with a side of Mexican rice.

The ingredients I used were:
1 rotisserie chicken (it is cheaper than buying chicken breasts and has a great taste)

1 bag of shredded cheese

1/2 can of slice black olives

1 small yellow pepper

1 small onion

1 can of 28 oz of enchilada sauce

6 large tortillas

1 small can of chilles (I let Chad put them on his)
1 small bag of Fritos (only need a handful
I started by putting a little sauce on the bottom of the crockpot so the shells didn't stick.
I layed two large tortillas on the bottom of the crockpot to cover the pan
I then took the skin off of the chicken, and just shredded the chicken off of the bones. (it was so moist in the crockpot, I was worried it might dry it out - not the case)
I mixed about half of the can into the chicken and mixed it with the onion and put a handful of cheese in and stirred.
I layered this on top of the tortilla and added a layer of cheese and then put 2 more tortillas on top.
I added some more sauce on top o this tortilla and then added the rest of the chicken mixture.
I put 2 more tortillas on top and then put the rest of the sauce, yellow peppers (small amount) and black olives on top.
I crushed a handful of Fritos scoops on the top and sprinkled with cheese.

I had the crockpot on low for four hours and it was great. I was worried about the tortillas sticking but it was very minimal. So I just thought I would share this dish... I thought it was pretty good! And if Taylor ate it, it must have been "alright". So I thought I would share...

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