Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New additions to the blog world...

Well, I have been thinking about changing my blog up a little, that I am not just talking about my kids all the time (even though I love to). I am going to start talking about other things and adding links to the blog that I love. I will still include updates as well! But I am ready for some "me" time as well. Gosh, it has been a whirlwind with everything going on. So now I am trying to get organized again and get back into ebay and crafting. My sewing/craft room is a mess right now hopefully I can get that accomplished today.

I found a neat website from my friends Autumns blog, "A Year of Crockpot Cooking" I see this person was actually on Rachel Ray one time and did a segment with her. Search under Rachel Ray and she did a curry recipe. I am going to try that this week as Chad loves curry! There are some really yummy soups on there as well! I always say I am going to use the crockpot and never pull it out!

So my goals of the day are to clean out my ebay/craft room and make something yummy for supper, and of course take care of my little guy, and pick Taylor up and run her here or there.. Last night I used Pampered Chefs chipolte rub -
on boneless porkchops, brushed with barbeque and grilled them... they were yummy! My daughter who is so picky just loved them! Thanks Holly


autumnesf said...

That site is so great! I've tried a few of her recipes. I recently did a meatloaf in the crockpot and was surprised how good it was. Let us all know what recipes you try and how they turn out!

Stephanie said...

THanks for passing this site along. I loooove my crockpot! And I say that with the most affection I can have for a kitchen appliance. It has more than saved my family several times, that is when I remember to make sure it's turned ON!