Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Normal? Not really...

Well you know I have been saying I can't wait till things got "normal" around here. With Chads deployments and our trip to China we were looking forward toward 2 years of a normal life since they told Chad he wouldn't deploy for 2 years. Well, on Friday he came home with the news he was "command" leveled (which means they picked him for emergency manning) to go to Pope AFB, NC. So as of right now he has orders for us all to move there... Talk about shock and I have to say saddness as I love where we live right now. They are seeing if these orders are going to go through this week so there is a small chance they might be given to someone else or cancelled. But they are in the computer right now for him so we will see.

Chads mom came to visit from Michigan as well for the last 4 days. It was a nice visit. Aiden took to her after the first few hours very well. He is such a little love bug. So we have been busy doing some shopping, quilt stores and hanging at the house this weekend. It feels good to relax today. But I don't know about relaxing since we got these orders... there is just so much involved because of Aiden and his condition. But if I had to go anywhere, I love the Carolinas. But we have been so spoiled here. I have to believe once again there is a reason for everything. So we will see.

Taylor and Aiden have been playing more and more together. It is so cute to see. Well I will be signing off for now... keep us in your prayers as this has been a stressful weekend with the news at hand. I know we have been lucky to be in one place for so long but it makes it harder to leave.

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autumnesf said...

Oh Heidi I am so sorry!! Let me just say, as a partner in crime (read AF wife) I understand that this is not fun!!! I hope it works out that you guys can stay still. I'm sure this will also complicate and cost more money for the post adoption portion of your adoption. STINKS!!

I'll pray God's will and easy transitions!

(Can you get a letter from the adoption agency and try a humanitarian angle??)Now is not the best time for the baby to move!!