Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bouncing back great!

I am still amazed at how fast kids can bounce back from open heart surgery compared to an adult. Aiden is doing so well and the temper is getting more in check as well. It is so funny, when he starts his leg kicking or jumping up and down he is looking out the side of his eyes to make sure someone is watching. Taylor is just getting to be more and more awesome with him. She loves coming home and doing things with him. I know that will probably be short lived but it is great for now, gives me a break for a few minutes of the day. Today they were having art class. Aiden makes this sound all the time and it is like "look"... hope you like the videos. Then Taylor decided to be SGT.Taylor with Aiden. Its great to be a big sister to boss the little ones around.


Stephanie said...

He is so cute! Are you sure he had open heart surgery--I mean he looks like nothing ever happened!! How amazing :-)

Tina:0) said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly they do come back from something so major?! When Vaeh had her last open heart (in May) I think it was 2 days post op & she still had 2 chest tubes in & was sitting up in bed! I was just amazed.

He looks like he's doing great & enjoying time with his big sister! Glad all is going well!