Thursday, August 21, 2008

Travel Information

I thought I would post our travel information, since I have had so many people ask me where we will be when. Thanks so much for all the emails, we appreciate it. We have met so many wonderful people along this journey. If anyone reads this who has gone to China and has any advice on what or what not to do, please feel free to email me. There is nothing like hearing from people who have "been there done that".

Final travel schedule:
8/28 NW657 leave Newark at 9:01 am, arrive Detroit at 11:11 am (seat: 16D/E/F)
8/28 NW11 leave Detroit at 3:40 pm, arrive Tokyo at 5:35 pm on 8/29 (seat: 43A/B/C)
8/29 NW27 leave Tokyo at 7:15 pm, arrive Guangzhou at 11:00 pm (seat: 27A/B/C)
9/12 NW28 leave Guangzhou at 8:20 am, arrive Tokyo at 2:00 pm (seat: 26A/B/C/D)
9/12 NW12 leave Tokyo at 4:15 pm, arrive Detroit at 2:45 pm (seat: 39D/E/F/G)
9/12 NW648 leave Detroit at 5:04 pm, arrive Newark at 6:59 pm (seat: 16A/B/C/D)

8-29 arriving in Guangzhou, meet guide at the airport, check into the
Victory Hotel (suite at the West Annex, one big bed and one added bed
for your daughter)
8-30, During the day do some sightseeing and shopping, Pearl River
Cruise in the evening
8-31, Ann with Red Thread - shopping
9-1, meeting with Zigang in the afternoon
9-2, adoption registration and notary
9-3, applying for passport
9-4, visiting the orphanage in Fo Shan
9-5, visiting Bai Yun Shan Park
9-6, resting
9-7, resting
9-8, picking up the passport, visiting Chen Family Temple
9-9, Taking pictures for visa application and physical exam, visiting
Liu Rong Temple
9-10, applying for visa at 9:00 in the morning
9-11, visiting the zoo, picking up the visa in the afternoon
9-12, fly from Guangzhou back to the States


Melissa said...

So very happy for you! Just found your blog and your son is precious. Your adoption seemed to go pretty quickly. May I talk to you about your agency and experience. Thank you Melissa

Kate said...

Hi Heidi,
I just "found" your blog from your RQ post. Aiden is so cute! We will be meeting our daughter on 9/1 and will arrive at the Victory on 9/5 (late). Maybe we will see you there. Wishing you safe travels!

Marisa O'Brien said...

Hi Heidi! I'm so excited for you! I love your blogs....Samantha and I look at them often. Soon (!) you'll have your little man in your arms. He's unaware of the beautiful life ahead of him!! Enjoy your time in China....and be safe! I can't wait to see him and Taylor. Love, Marisa