Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bon Voyage, Finally !

Well, it is 12:30AM and I am just about finished packing! We only have to leave at 5:30 in the morning! Just when you think you have everything packed you think about something else you need. This journey to get to this point has been so overwhelming. It is just amazing what you have to go through to adopt, but it will be so worth it in the end when we have our little precious bundle in our arms. For those adoptive parents who are looking at my bags and thinking, "OH my she way overpacked"... you are right, I can't help it. And to my family - guess what I even got a small fan in there (in my family no one can travel without a fan). Now hopefully it will work with the converter over there!
It has been nonstop this week trying to get everything done, so sorry if I was not able to email everyone back who emailed me or called. I REALLY appreciate everyone who has called and wished us well. I am still amazed at the great friendships that we have made over this past year. It has been such a blessing. Maggie - you are so sweet and wonderful. I appreciate the "goodie" box you sent to us, and that hand held fan will come into good use! Lynn, I can't wait to meet you in Guangzhou. And then all the parents I "met" online from the Foshan orphanage group. THANK you so much for all the pictures that I was able to get over this past year from you all who visited. Connie you are so wonderful and sweet (check out her blog under Kalebs blog on the link side).. this was Aidens best friend.

I do wish my family could be sharing this moment with us, but it didn't work out. I do feel like that little part is missing, but I am thankful that Chad is able to make this journey with us. Also, Heather my sweet sister, I am so glad your baby is doing well. I have been praying for Leah and listening to that song, "I am the God that healeth thee"... thank God for his blessings on your little girl that she is wonderfully healthy.

It has been a long journey! 2 years ago we started this process and alot happened in that time. Chads cousin Jan, really got me thinking about adopting - she has the sweetest little girl Marlee... so thanks Jan for all the words of wisdom. It is amazing that RED THREAD.
Well I guess I better try and get a few hours of sleep. Hopefully I will be able to post to this blog. If not I do have a journey to me site I used for when Chad was overseas and could not see this it is:

Taylor has been really excited tonight and I think scared of what a new sibling is going to mean to her. But she has alot of love in her heart for him. She made she we had videos that he might like, a ball for him and then lastly she said she wanted to break in his bed for him tonight so she is sleeping is his toddler bed. She said to me tonight, "Just think, he will never have to see the inside of an orphanage anymore"... I can't imagine what it is going to be like to see him and just love him. I don't know how I am going to hold it together at that moment.


connie said...

Bon voyage, sweet family! We are so excited that you will soon hold your precious boy! Our prayers and hugs are with you!
Love from the Johnsons

wollet's said...

We are so thrilled that you are finally on your way to bless Aiden with his forever family. Amazing how God works in our lives. Travel safe, enjoy....enjoy....enjoy.....I so wish I was right there with you. Keep blogging and sending those photo of your beautiful family. Jan & Family

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip... look forward to following your journey to your sweet little boy.

The Odells ( Texas)