Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chads Home & New Pictures of Aiden

We picked Chad up from the airport on Friday and it was so great. It is great to have him home. Now we are on the count down to pick up Aiden... about 3 more weeks till we leave. These pictures are from a wonderful mom from the Neitherlands who adopted her son from Aidens orphanage. It is amazing how many wonderful people I have met on our adoption journey so far. Aiden was sleeping and they were trying to wake him at first on the pictures... so he looks a little sleepy.

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Vaeh's Blog said...

Welcome Home, Chad!! Thank you to you & your family for your sacrifice & your service. It is thanks to good men & women like you that we have this wonderful country to live in!

How excited you all must be with the prospect of going to meet Aiden & add him to your family! We'll be keeping you all in our prayers for a safe trip & wonderful start to your "new" family!

The Walp Family:0)
(Jon, Tina, Gabrielle & Nevaeh)