Friday, August 29, 2008

Just Relaxing Today...

We are doing well. It is very nice here on Shamien Island. Very hot and humid. We went out and checked out a few of the sites. We met very anxious shop keepers eager to sell us things. I did break down and got Taylor a traditional Chinease dress for pictures, 2 pair of cute shoes, a movie and 2 t-shirts for $35.00. Hopefully that was pretty good. It is hard to know what are good buys and not. Figuring out the currency also is a little tricky... and Math was never my forte'.

The Victory is very nice, our room is nice as well. We are in a suite, but I have to say the beds are so uncomfortable. My back is hurting today. Taylors roll in cot with a 2 inch matteress was more comfortable then the traditional bed we have. They came in and put 2 blankets on the bed, so we will see if that helps. But really, I am just so excited to be here. The people here are very friendly and most speak pretty good English here. We stopped in several shops and where I bought Taylors things (Jessica's Place) she was very nice and asked all about what the US is like. It is funny because people really stare at Taylor with her light colored hair and eyes. They will come up and ask to take pictures with her or just tell her she is beautiful... Well Taylors eyes get big and she doesn't know what to say. She is shy around strangers so this is all new for her.

She has been a great traveler though. I can't complain at all. Right now we are relaxing in the room and will probably check out the pool on top of the hotels roof. It is very humid here so I can just imagine it will be sweltering up there. We did and go visit the White Swan hotel - Maggie you are right it is hard to beat. Our room is nice here but that hotel is something else. Very beautiful. I do wish I would have brought a converter.

We just finished having lunch at an Italian restaurant here on the island. It was called Dolce Vita (something like that). It was very good. I have to say I am a little nervous about the different foods here but so far things have been very good. There are 7-elevens here so we are able to get some familiar things. They even sell squid in packs like jerky. I have to keep reminding Taylor not to say, "OH GROSS"... when she see things. We did enjoy Starbucks today. Nothing like a little familiar so far away.

We have met many adoptive parents here. It is making me so anxious to get Aiden. I can't wait to just love him up. Everyone is so friendly since so many people who adopt stay here on the island. We met a family from Idaho and we may do the River Cruise with them on Wednesday. Well I am going to sign off. It is only about 2PM and I am feeling like it is 2AM our time.

Taylor had to test out the roof top pool here. It is different swimming on the roof of a hotel. You look out here and there are just tons and tons of skyscrappers and apartment buildings. The thing that is unusual here is they have new buildings with the old slum buildings. It is really interesting and I am looking forward to exploring off the island a little.

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