Sunday, August 31, 2008

Interesting Markets

We ventured out across the street to the market and then made our way to the more modern stores. It was very very busy to say the least. Very interesting. Taylor loved seeing all the animals. The one picture is of 3 mushrooms.
The main street of shopping reminded me of Time Square but with China Town in Times Square. Chad tried on a pair of Timberland sandals that were really nice, but they didn't have a size that big. It is very humid here, I can see why people say bring enough clothing to change 2 times a day.

Tomorrow is the big day. I am so ready. It is great to experience a new culture and site see but the greatest moment will be when we see Aiden for the first time. I wonder what he is going to think of us. Today at breakfast there were several adoptive parents there with their children. It almost make you want to cry for joy for these kids. You can just see the love that these parents have for the kids. Many of these kids we have seen have cleft lip/cleft palate, something that is very treatable in the United States. It just really almost made me cry to see how these parents really were bonding with their children. It shows that love sees no imperfections.

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