Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cow & Bridge Restaurant

Well tonight we ventured out and ate at the Cow & Bridge Thai restaurant. I had heard from many other families that this was a great place to eat. It was very good. Taylor enjoyed the noodles and spicy chicken. She loved eatting with chopsticks. On the way back to our hotel, right next door we saw a restaurant. We saw this guy with a net and here he was getting out the "fresh" fish from the INTEX swimming pool outside of the restaurant. So funny! Chad thought he saw the guy bring an eel out and Taylor wanted me to go take a picture of it. Then when we got back to the hotel Chad said, "I think someone was in here and fixed our bed again". Here, housekeeping found out that I had twisted my ankle outside of the hotel and left we a note that this medicine will help my ankle, it is some sort of lotion. I thought that was so thoughtful of them. We are very tired but trying to stay up so we get on China time. We aren't sure how to work the phones here so we might not be able to call home. But we are doing well. The people are so friendly. Wish you were here mom to enjoy this with us! Love ya.


Lynn said...

So glad you guys made it there safely!!! I'll try to skype you today! I hope time flies for you unitl Monday. You look like you are having fun. Keep me posted!

connie said...

We are loving the pictures! The Victory looks very nice. And Cow and Bridge is awesome, isn't it!! Thank you for allowing us to journey to China with you. Hang on, precious Aiden, Mama is on her way!

Jan said...

It looks like you guys are having a great time! Taylor is so cute in the photo's. I love waking up and reading about your adventures. Jan