Monday, August 18, 2008

2 Weeks From Now....

2 weeks from now we will have our little guy in our arms. We leave in 10 days and will have a few days of travel and then relaxing before we get him. I feel like I am running in circles getting this and that down. So far I have a 2 page list of things I have to do yet. Today I was fortunate to get a few more pictures from a lady who just adopted her little boy Jack. She said the nannies told her that Aiden and her were "friends". As I look back on my adoption experience in the last 3 years it is amazing how many people I have met and formed friendships with from all over the world. I have met people from all over the US, Germany, Netherlands and Australia... and they held my son before me! I am thankful for the people who have been able to get me updates and pictures. You guys are great. Finally after all the wait we will be getting our little guy. We just can't wait!

I have heard comments about people wondering how you or if you can love a child that isn't your own. I can honestly say that I know we can. Children are such a blessing, for me it doesn't matter if they are born from me or not. I see that in so many adoptive families. I have heard people say that he is so lucky to be coming to our family but we feel like the lucky ones. I am so thankful to God, the director that matched us and my husband for pushing me to go forward.


Heather said...

Do people seriously wonder if you can love a child you didn't give birth to?! Seriously? That is such a small, sad way of looking at family that it surprises me that kind of ignorance still exists in the year 2008. Biology is the least significant part of being a parent. I think your answer is spot on. Have a safe trip to your new son!

Vaeh's Blog said...

I agree! Congratulations on the coming arrival of Aiden!! I can't begin to imagine all the emotions that you are experiencing. Praying that you have a safe journey to completing your family! Can't wait to see pictures of him in YOUR arms! Good Luck & God Bless!

Tina Walp:0)

connie said...

We are so thrilled you are finally going to hold your precious boy! We're praying for smooth travel, easy transition and no blogger problems (selfishly, so we can follow along :)!!
Blessings to you~