Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2 Great things....

These two things probably should not be put in the same category..... Papa Johns & Kids! Aiden has been such a joy. Last night it was like the 2 year old side was coming out more and more. He is enjoying the freedom of running around. The day before he wanted to be held a little more now today he enjoyed watching Taylor stack the stacking cups high and then pushing them over. He also loves running up and down our hallway here in the hotel and running back and forth between our rooms. The suite has been great that we are in, very good for the extra space. Aiden slept and is still sleeping at 7AM from 8:30 last night. Not waking up once. He does have a good appetite. The only thing is he isn't drinking his forumula that he has been on or wanting milk too much. But he is eatting and drinking other things.

We were going to go the the amusement park for Taylor today but I am not sure if we will make it. It has been pouring and thunderstorming since 5AM this morning. She won't be a happy camper about that. We also are suppose to go on a Pearl River cruise tonight with some friends we met from Idaho but that will be dependent on the weather. We do apply for Aiden's passport today!

He really is such a joy. We did hear him cry last night for the first time and that is when he had a "poopy" in his diaper. I am not sure what they used to wipe him but he really does not like the wipes (and I have sensitive ones) but I think they are cold on him. This is all a guessing game, starting over again. But after he was all cleaned up he was good to go. His crying only lasted about a minute. But I am glad all things are in working order when it comes to the bathroom part (LOL). I was worried since he has ate so many different things. He LOVES noodles and cherrios. People have asked what size he is in... well the shirts are big at 12-18 but I still would buy those... the pants I had on him yesterday that were falling down were 6-9 months! He really is tiny, but once we get him all fixed up he should be putting on more weight.

We miss you all and hope you are doing well.


Amy said...

Seriously....he is about the cutest thing I have seen!! Does he have a twin?? I am enjoying your journey and all of your pictures!! Amy in Arizona www.chinacaboose.blogspot.com

Jodie Poulsen said...

Dont worry about Aiden not taking formula. Now he has food he'll never wont to drink it again. Zian did exactly the same. He is so so cute and so so happy.Keep smiling.
Jo Poulsen

Kaylee, April Mueller's daughter said...

hey heidi this is kaylee April Mueller's Daughter aiden is adorable HE IS SO CUTE!!!!! i was just wondering when you were going to the ophanage!!! i am so excited to get my baby sister!!!!!!!!