Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well first and foremost we got our approval from the US Consulate to bring Aiden home to the US today. It was really emotional being at the Consulate in China with about 28 other American families who adopted little ones. We took our oath and got our big brown envelope that we can't open and that will get Aiden into the US. Once we set foot in Detroit he will be a US citizen! We couldn't take pictures in there so this was the outside of the building!

NOW for the big big news! Chad made his rank he has been studying really hard and working hard. He had me check on my iphone for him. He is just so excited. He said this is the icing on the cake! Can't wait to be home soon. Thanks to all my adoptive friends and family, friends who have followed our journey. It has been so wonderful to have your support.

I will write more later. We leave at 5PM US time tomorrow and don't get home until 8PM Friday! Bon Voyage!


connie said...

Great news, and what an awesome way to sum up the most amazing journey! Praying for smooth travel, sleeping children and a huge welcome home! Love you all!

Todd said...

Congratulations Chad!! Congratulations on your new family too!!!! Have a safe trip home!!!! Rachael

Don said...

Congratlations Chad!! You worked hard for that. You really deserved that. Do you have more rank than Heidi now????? Ha Ha Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow night. We are all proud of you!!! Give Taylor and Aiden a hug and kiss from poppy!

autumnesf said...

Congratulations! Now if it only didn't take so long to see it reflected in the paycheck! Here's hoping his line number is up quick!

Mom said...

AWESOME... I am so happy for you Chad! You worked hard for it and deserve it. We are Proud of you and your service to our country.
May all of you have a safe trip home. Can't wait to see Taylor again, meet Aiden and spoil both of them.
Hugs and Kisses,
Love Mamaw

Jan said...

What a wonderful way to end your journey! Travel safe! Jan

Anonymous said...

Congratulations my dear bro-in-law!
Much deserved- so happy for you and our whole family!
Can't wait to meet my little nephew see my little princess this weekend.
What blessings we have to be thankful for. (Remember Heidi- God said he would bless us 2x our trouble--- he is doing that now) Love you so much my dear sister. And I am happier for you than I can express, can't wait to give you a hug!

Mommaof2 said...

What wonderful news! Can't wait to see pictures of Aiden on US soil!

Congratulations, Chad!! I know I've said this before, but thank you to you & your family for your hard work & sacrifice! As I sit here & watch replays of the events of 7 years ago... its because of men (& women) like you we have the freedom's we do - THANK YOU!!

Praying you have a safe & speedy journey home!

Stephanie said...

So much exciting stuff all at one time! Will be praying the journey home is smooth and uneventful. Happy landing!

Erica Lawrence said...

Hey this is Erica, Aprils cousin again. I just wnated to pray for a safe trip home and a pleasent ride for Aiden!!! I hope everything goes well and congrats to Chad that is awesome!! I am so happy for you and your family, I hope that again all goes well and God Bless!!!