Monday, September 8, 2008

Visiting the "Temple" and Toy Factory

Today was an interesting day. We went to see a Temple that I believe was 1500 years old. It was something to see. Since it is part of the culture it was interesting but since we have Christian beliefs and don't believe in praying to idols it was a little much for us. Seeing people bring food and gifts to lay at the feet of these idols was something. They take it very seriously. I thank God I don't have to go to an idol to get good wishes. One of the things we saw is if they light a smoke stick and the smoke goes straight up it means they will have good luck.
Taylor being a 6 year old was ready to leave within 15 minutes of being there. Her and Chad climbed the high temple building. She said that was a real workout. We then went to a wholesale toy factory which was rather interesting. ALOT of Hello Kitty things, and things you would see at flea markets. But then there were things that were of really good prices.

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