Saturday, September 6, 2008


I just had to add in these pictures.... Chad won't let me wear Penn State stuff on him (haha) since he is a Michigan fan but I am getting away with the Phillies at least. Chad was up at 2AM watching the games on the computer he can't wait for next weekend so he is home! Priorities!


Don said...

Chad,Heidi,Taylor and Aiden,
Michigan got a win today Chad. Penn St won big.Next week we can all sit down together and watch the game. We miss you guys! Aiden looks very relaxed in his dads arms.You're a great dad Chad! We are very proud of you. Aiden will have to decide for himself one day,Penn St,or Michigan.Ha Ha! Take care and give our love to the kids! I miss you Taylor! Poppy
PS Phillies rained out.

Anonymous said...

Mark just said last night he has to get Aiden some Michigan gear!
Love you guys-
Aunt Heather

Todd said...

Hello Zeigler's!! I love your football talk around the world. Instead of worring about who Aiden will pick, he can always go for the state in between and be an Ohio State fan-go bucks!! Todd even said he will give Aiden all the Ohio State clothes he wants!!! HA HA! and we'll even give Taylor some OSU cheerleading outfits!! hee hee!
I can't wait for you guys to come home either though. If it wasn't for the security gate I wish I could go to Detroit to meet up with you guys between your connecting flights! I Can't wait to meet Aiden!! Rachael