Friday, September 26, 2008

All is well

Aiden is doing really well. He is still in the intensive care unit but hopefully will be put in a step down room tonight. He has had little glitches here and there but otherwise things have gone really good. The nurses here all love him and say how cute he is. We have seen smiles here and there, and we have seen his fiesty spirit come out as well at times.

I have some pictures of him but I don't have my adaptor with me to download them. They took everything out of him except for his IV yesterday, so that is a great thing. I stayed last night in a small room they have here for parents. I was thinking I just can't wait to have a normal life one day... with Chads deployments, our trip to China and now Aidens surgery it will be good just to be home for awhile.

Taylor came to visit Aiden last night. She is doing well but still is having some adjustment issues of just getting use to having a brother. But overall she really loves him, those issues are usually only 5% of the day...

Aiden is laying in his crib right now watching "Diego", seems he has come to like TV while he is here. We also had him take a few steps last night but he really wasn't interested in walking and was a bit woozy yet. They think we may go home this weekend so that would be great!


Tina:0) said...

Sounds like he's doing great! If he's doing this well now, just think how he'll be in a month!

Praying that he continues to do well & things get back to "normal."

Tina & Vaeh:0)

Joanie said...

Little Aiden is in my prayers. Here's hoping he's home soon - such good news so far!!! And hugs to Taylor as well. Our daughter had her struggles as well when she became a big sister but it's wonderful to watch the sibling relationship grow as they kids do.

Mom to Shaeleigh (Nanhai sister) & Chance