Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New discoveries...

Well today it started out with rain and storms and now it is about 97 degrees and pure humidity... but it is true sunshine here for us. Aiden is just a joy. I know it sounds like I am gushing but he has been just wonderful. To watch Taylor and him interact is great. He slept through the night and had a huge breakfast. He ate congee, fruit, egg and toast. Followed that down with apple juice. We figured out that he does not want anything to do with forumula. We have tried several ways and he just doesn't want it. So we tried the milk over here and he seems to love that. But we are just happy that he is eatting so well. In fact Taylor went for a cherrio and he pushed her hand away like he was saying, "No this is mine".

Tonight we are going on a river cruise. I hope it will be nice. It is always a little nerve wracking not knowing what the food is going to be like when we go someplace. Taylor keeps asking, "Mom do you miss home?". I think she is getting homesick. She misses her friend Grace and her dog Lucky. She is still enjoying the starbuck Frappachinos! I know, I am a bad mom (haha).

Aiden is taking a nap right now so we have a few hours before we go for his passport. We took him to look at the fish in the White Swan hotel, and there was a waterfall there - he was quite scared of this. I wanted to take a picture of Taylor and him but he wouldn't leave go of my finger. Such newness for him I am sure.

I really just thank God that he has blessed us so much. This past year has been very tough at times. You learn to move on and live in a new normal but we felt like something was missing - someone was missing. But I just am so thankful for Aiden. It is like God knew that there was this little boy so far away that needed a mom and dad. Who would think that you would be destined to meet your child thousands of miles away. I can't explain the feelings of love we have for him. You can see the happiness in Chads face and the love he has for him. That piece of our lives was missing, and he has helped fill it. Someone emailed me and said Chase is wrapping his arms around our family, I really believe that is true. I so appreciate my SG friends who have emailed me and encouraged us in this journey.

Most importantly I hope that we fill Aiden's life with that piece that was missing for him too. I think we have already in some ways. When you look back on all the pictures of his sad little face it made me wonder if he would be a happy child, he just looked sad. He is so happy... (and when he sees Cherrios he is really happy!). When he reaches for Chad or I , it just fills my heart with such love. There is no love like the love for a child.


Anonymous said...

More tears flowed when I read this... tears of joy and happiness. Again- words cannot explain my feelings. Can't wait to meet my new nephew and to give Taylor a big hug a kiss and tell her what a big girl she has been. I thank God our little angel in heaven is watching over you and our family.
Love you all-

April said...

I am thrilled that Aiden is bonding so well, and he is showing love back to you. You are truly blessed, God is in Control! I am so glad He knows the outcome and the perfect timing, and how we learn our love from Him. Enjoying the blog, I look forward each day to look at pictures and read. I will continue to pray.


Stephanie said...

It is so exciting to read this blog everyday. He is just too cute. What a blessing that he is adjusting so wonderfully. And hey, formula and milk really are overrated, aren't they?! :-)

connie said...

Yay for Cheerios :) And yay, God!

Amy said...

I'm still head over heels in love with your boy!! All of the children from China are cute, but Aiden...Wow!! Yes, we should get him and Presley "together" when they are older! Except Presley might tower over him. She is in 50th percentile for weight and 95th for height....on the American charts!!! Keep those pictures coming!!

Amy in Arizona

Jan said...

Such adorable photo's! Makes my day. Jan

Lynn said...

He looks great. Taylor looks like she is the best big sis in the whole world! Can't wait to meet up in about 6 days!