Thursday, September 4, 2008


Its amazing at this young age he knows what a phone is! Today I don't know if it was just a sound that came out of his mouth. But we were getting ready to go to breakfast and he knows "bye bye", and I said it and he said MOM... Chad and Taylor heard him too, it was great. Probably just a sound he made but it really sounded like it. Taylor is getting her feelings hurt a little as he is now pushing her hands away from him and all she wants to do is love him up. He is just doing so well.


Todd said...

Zeigler family,
Usually I get up in the morning and check your blog, but now that I am getting ready for bed I decided to get a quick look and now I have had double the joy today!!! Thank you again for sharing your experience with all of us! God is with you everyday and it is such a treat to watch your true miracle!! And Taylor is such a wonderful big sister!!! Lots of love, Rachael

connie said...

This is not the same little boy we held six months ago! He is really opening up. Taylor, you just keep loving your brother and eventually he'll realize just how sweet you are. Boys!

Anonymous said...

You are such a big sister... you are a sweet sweet girl. DOn't get hurt if he pushes you away---he's just learning about other things.. he loves you. Rememeber how you can be if you want to play and not talk or hug when I want one... I know you still love me- but you are just busy with other things... Love you my little niece- you are so wonderful.. such a wonderful BIG SISTER!
I love you very much-
Aunt Heather

Don said...

Heidi,Chad,Taylor and Aiden,
WOW! What a family. We are so Happy for all of you. Aiden has adapted so well. That is a tribute to you, Chad and Taylor. We miss you very much. I can't wait until next Friday. You guys look great! Give Taylor and Aiden a kiss an hug from Poppy! DaD

Stephanie said...

This has been so wonderful to watch you go through your days in China. I know it must be difficult to fit in some blogging time in the midst of all the newness of Aiden. Thanks for taking the time to share him with all of us! I look forward to checking it everyday.
Of course Aiden said Mom, he's a very smart boy!