Monday, September 1, 2008

Introducing ~ Aiden Nathaniel Zigang Zeigler~

I don't even know where to begin. We decided on naming his middle name Nathaniel which means "A gift from God", which is so true. I will write more in depth tomorrow but when we went to get him he was the first child they brought out. I looked up and there he was. I couldn't believe it, I thought we would have waited longer once we got to the meeting place. He didn't cry one time. He came to all of us. He didn't show alot of emotion at first but it only took about 1/2 hour for his personality to start shining through.

He laughs heartily and eats very good. We went to eat at Lucy's tonight. He at Congee which is watery rice with maybe chicken in it and spaghetti. Taylor is just overly in love with him. I said to her before we went to get him, this is our last hour of being a family of 3... she said you mean a family of 4 soon to be 5. She is just amazing at her thoughtfulness.

When we got back to our room Aiden (GONG GONG) just loved his stacking cups. One of our friends we met reached for him and he came to me. Then Chad reached for him and he went right to him. It was like he just knew. That is what our guide said also. We did meet Ms. Tang and the assitant director Ms. Cheng. They were extremly nice and gave us alot of information about his personality. They said he will take things from other kids and that he is very strong even though he is small. He has had fruit, congee and bannanas.

Right now he is on the bed throwing ball back and forth with Chad and Taylor. If I could have asked for a more perfect day I don't know what more I could have asked for. God really has blessed us. I am so happy it is beyond words. I wish our family could be here. Taylor said "Wouldn't it be nice if grandma was here"... soon everyone will be able to meet our little guy.

I have little video clips but I can't tell if they work on my blog or not. I will write more later. He is just so great and you can tell he is so happy which makes us happy.


Jodie Poulsen said...

I have been checking your blog all day every 15mins to see you next update. WOW Aiden has grown and looks so well.Congrats and cherish the moment.You are in my thoughts.
Jo Poulsen

connie said...

Oh, Heidi, Aiden has been saving all that laughter for his MAMA!! What a sight to finally see him with his forever family. Congratulations!

Jan said...

Congrats! Aiden is precious! He fits perfect, God is amazing how he works. So wonderful to see you all together! We can't wait to meet him. Jan

Lynn said...


I am so glad that your first hours have been everything you dreamed they could be. Now, get some sleep!

I'll keep waiting for more updates(loved the video too!)


Stephanie said...

AAHHH!! Can you believe it?! I hurried downstairs to see if you posted anything this morning. What a great first picture of your family. So glad to hear that Aiden's transition has been smooth and tearless, at least on his part:o) Can't wait to see more updates!

April said...

Congratulation Heidi,

It is so good to see him in your arms. It warms my heart to see the Love you have for him even before you had held him, and know that you have him in your arms and can love and hug him, that love will grow every moment. I hope my times for these feelings comes soon. Once again congrats mama, daddy, and big sis. Aiden here is your forever family!

marianne said...

He is absolutely beautiful. I cried through your post! You deserve such a wonderful experience!
Marianne (a CHI mommy) said...

What a precious little boy you have. Amazing to be given a child and walk away from the room with them, to have them in your life forever. You gave me such support when I was in the process of our adoption, and I am so happy for you.
cindy waters

Marcy said...

Oh Heidi....he looks great! Love all the little videos. It just makes me cry to see him finally with you guys. So incredibly happy for all of you!

Marcy in KY
CHI & Foshan Nanhai Mommy

Kathy Griesemer said...

Heidi, I work with your Dad and he's been sharing your Journey with me. I have been crying tears of joy and had to tell you how beautiful your family is, and how much you deserve each other. You gave God an Angel he needed, and He's thanked you with Aiden. I'm beyond thrilled for all of you. With My Heartfelt Congratulations,
Kathy Griesemer