Sunday, September 7, 2008

Miscellaneous Videos

Well this weekend, was a little long due to the fact we didn't have a guide with us. Chad said it reminded himself of when he was overseas in Iraq, that you have to get into a routine so you don't go crazy. We are here 11 days right now, so it is soon time to go home. Today we are going to a temple and then I am not sure what else if anything. I am thinking we may take a taxi and go to the mall. A few parents suggested doing that. I would like to go to the toy market and see what that is all about as well. Last night we were out and Chad got a haircut at the White Swan hotel. He said he liked it because the thing is with Asians they take their time when they cut hair. It reminded him of when he was in Korea.

When Chad went in to get his haircut I thought I would take Aiden by the hand and walk him around. Well he started the laying on the floor in the middle of the hotel and crying because he wants to be carried. I then had some older Chinese women pointing and saying something in Chinese so of course I picked him up. As soon as I did he laughs... He is so great and wonderful but there is that 2 year old side to him that is full of tricks. The orphanage director had said he was paid extra attention to because of his problem and not wanting to get him upset... we can definitely tell that he was a little spoiled because he makes this grunting sound when he gets mad and lays himself straight down. For some reason he swats Taylors hands away as well... except when she feeds him. I guess the sibling rivalry has started already.

Last night we went to Lucy's and she asked if she could feed him. He loved it, but she wants to love him up and he isn't having that from her. I know it all takes time. As you can tell by the video we fool around with him in our room alot and Taylor is still saying things like, "You didn't do that with me when I was little!". She is so funny. If you know Taylor and us you totally know she is one spoiled little girl (tried not to but you can't help it at times). We have been going to the starbucks on the island daily for mommy and me time.

She is so homesick though. Every day she asks Chad or I, "Do you miss home yet?". She misses her dog Lucky she says. I think also the fact that she has been eating the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner is probably getting to her. She has been eatting alot of spaghetti, pizza, eggs and Chinese noodles. She doesn't have a vast appetite. I am very glad she has been here though. It is an experience you would never be able to redo back in the states. The bonding that has gone on has been great. But we are soon ready to come back home.

Next week once we get home, we have some paperwork things on base to do, and Aiden will have 2 doctor appointments. For those who don't know he has a heart problem, but with surgery it should be corrected according to the doctors we had consulted. You would never know he has a problem with how active he is, but yet it is there. So please keep him in your prayers. He will have his surgery done eventually at CHOP. I have several friends who have had children with his problem (TOF) and they are all doing very well. So we are keeping our fingers crossed.

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Todd said...

The kids are acting like brother and sister already! Lol!! Maddie felt that way too when Hallie was born. So, I would show Maddie home videos when SHE was a baby to show and let her know that we treated her the same when she was a baby. I think it helped Maddie to see that she was given just as much attention. Just let Taylor know that Aiden is only 2 and that he is going to need more help doing things. Taylor is such a WONDERFUL big sister!! There is a lot of things that being a big kid that SHE will get to do and little brother will not. Take care, hope this week goes by fast! Rachael